Many years ago, when my oldest son was just a baby (and before cell phones were routinely used…I know, I’m ancient), I realized the importance of having roadside assistance available to you. I was driving home from visiting my parents, which meant an hour long drive on the highway. It was just my infant son and I in the car and it was late at night, but it was something I did regularly so I wasn’t fazed by it at all. That is, until everything in my car started to die. The lights dimmed. The radio stopped. And the car started to slow down. I steered off of the road onto the shoulder and wondered what the heck I was going to do.

Within a short while, two car loads of young guys pulled up and offered to help. They gave me a boost and got the car started, but that only lasted a few minutes. They offered to drive my car (with my infant son in it!) while I rode in one of their cars, and I flatly refused that offer…so they very kindly drove behind me and gave me a boost every few minutes until I reached a gas station with a pay phone.

I had some quarters to use the phone, so I started making calls. I called one friend after another trying to find someone who could help me get home. Of course no one was home and I ended up sitting in the gas station parking lot well into the night while I tried to find some help. I did get home eventually and learned all about alternators in the days following, but nearly twenty years later that experience still stands out in my mind, and it’s the reason I believe that CAA is an absolute necessity for people who commute.

If I were in the same situation today, I would pick up my cell phone and call CAA, and if nothing else…I would have my car towed to a mechanic. CAA offers roadside service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is never a time when they would not be able to take my call, and that is very reassuring.

CAA offers many roadside services including boosting your battery; attempting to gain access to your vehicle if you locked your keys inside (and arranging for a locksmith for you if they can’t gain access); bringing you gas if you run out; changing a tire; pulling a car out of a ditch; and towing services. I think the only thing on this list that I haven’t needed is being pulled out of a ditch!  That is why I look at CAA as my own personal security blanket.

Disclosure – “I am participating in the CAA program by ShesConnected.  I received compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign.  The opinions on this blog are my own.”



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