With three young kids heading off to school every day, germs are sure to be coming home with them at the end of the day. I dread cold and flu season and how many sick days it will mean for the kids, but I am especially concerned about viruses with my youngest two children. Avery and Griffin were both born with a genetic disposition to low muscle tone. While this has obviously played a role in their milestones in terms of crawling, walking, etc…it has also had an impact on their respiratory health. Both kids are prone to respiratory illnesses and a simple cold can turn into pneumonia really quickly. So keeping germs at bay is really important to us! October means flu shots in our family, and most of us have had that done already.

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I love the No Touch Hand Soap and Lysol All Purpose Cleaner for helping us to keep germs away, and I also keep small containers of hand sanitizer ready for when we are away from home. Teaching my children the importance of proper hand washing is essential. They all know how to sing two choruses of Happy Birthday in their heads while they are washing their hands, and they have been taught to wash each finger and each part of their hands individually. They pretend they are little surgeons getting ready to perform an important operation! I just hope they are as diligent when I am not standing over them!

We also provide the kids with tissues to have in their desks (in hopes that they don’t use their sleeves…yuck), and we show them how to cough into their arms rather than on their hands. We are also constantly reminding them not to share water bottles, food, etc with their friends is also really important. I know they are kids and they will head off to school and share toys with kids who haven’t washed their hands as thoroughly, but I’m hoping that the steps we’ve taught them will keep most of the germs away, and maybe they will share their tips with their friends too!

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