As you may already know from a previous Wordless Wednesday post, my family is heading off to Disney World for the Grand Opening of the New Fantasyland. My husband and I were determined to keep it a secret from the kids until a couple of days before the trip, but I am really just a big kid in an adult body and I couldn’t wait. Two weeks ago I sat down and read the kids the story book invitation that I had received. Here was how that went…

Me (reading): The Story of New Fantasyland. The Biggest, most Enchanting Expansion in Magic Kingdom History.

Avery: We saw that on YouTube! Remember Mom? With Belle and the rose?

Me: Yes, that was really cool! Now listen to the story….

Experience Disney storytelling like you never have before, with new attractions, two new castles, circus fun and more. Come join us for the music, the enchantment and the laughter and be part of New Fantasyland for Happily Ever After.

Griffin: I wish we could go there.

Me: Explore the Enchanted Forest. Just beyond the boundary of our majestic castle walls rests a lush, new realm of forests and roaring waterfalls. Here, you’ll embark on a Little Mermaid ride; meet Arial as you roam. Become part of a Beauty’s story; have a meal inside a Beast’s home.

So when you come and join us, you’ll surely be our guest. As you experience the wonder of our enchanted, new forest.

Avery launches into a verse of “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast. My kids are oblivious.

Me: Be Our Guest.

Avery is still singing…

Me: Step right up and into Storybook Circus. In this bustling spot full of colour and action, you’ll find big top excitement and two Dumbo attractions. Come splish and splash and laugh along with a playful little train, then twist and turn and fly aboard the great Goofini’s plane.

Kellen: Mommy and I went on Goofini’s plane at Disney Land!

Griffin: That’s not fair. I want to go on Goofini’s plane.

Me: Come enjoy the circus, as it was in it’s golden age, and be part of a timeless tale that gets better with every page.

Then I turned the page and read the last line “See what wonders await” and then flipped open a map of New Fantasyland. Avery was looking it over and saying how fun all of that would be when a light bulb suddenly went off…

Kellen: Wait. Are we going there?

Me: Yes!

Cheering and excitement followed and since then we have been counting down the days until we get to the New Fantasyland. There are only 7 sleeps left, and I can hardly wait. Do you want a sneak peek of the Beast’s castle at New Fantasyland? Take a look at this video…

It has been a dream of ours to stay right at the Disney World resort, and we are so excited to get there and completely immerse ourselves in Disney. Yes, I’m one of those Moms who gets all emotional and just a little teary when we walk into the Magic Kingdom and see Cinderella’s castle ahead of us. It’s awesome, and I can’t wait to tell you all about this adventure.



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