Month: December 2012

A healthy dessert choice for the holidays: Fruit Tart Recipe

Fruit Tart My husband prepared this delicious fruit tart for the holidays. It is a much healthier dessert choice than many sweets, and we all really enjoyed it. Prepared using Dairy Oh! and fresh fruit, this fruit tart is a dessert I am proud to serve my children during the holidays. Dessert Recipe: Fruit Tart Recipe Type: Dessert Author: Michael McDonald, Adapted from The Food Network Prep time: 2 hours 45 mins Cook time: 1 hour Total time: 3 hours 45 mins Serves: 8 A delicious and rich fruit tart. Ingredients 1 recipe Tender Tart Dough, chilled 1 cup...

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Thinking Food Safety in the Kitchen #HealthyFamilies

Over a decade ago I ran an agency that provided Dining Programs and Meals on Wheels to local seniors and people with disabilities. It was a job that required not only a lot of amazing volunteers, but also some pretty stringent guidelines around food safety and maintaining a clean kitchen. As the program coordinator, I was required to take a course on food safety and perform regular inspections of our kitchen and cooking equipment. I am proud to say that we maintained an excellent standard of cleanliness while I was in that position. I am also glad I did...

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Holiday Gift Guide: Toys

Toys, toys and more toys…I know that’s how the holidays get for me with four children to buy for. I guess the twenty year old is past the toy stage, but the house is still full of his old things and it sometimes feels like we don’t need to bring in anymore toys! But Christmas just wouldn’t be the same for the kids without some new toys under the tree, so I made my choices based on both fun and on the educational factor. Many of these toys provide excellent learning opportunities, but the kids don’t mind because they are so much fun. Click the images to go to the websites....

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Mattel will bring your children lots of joy this Christmas

Every year my children are blessed with new toys under the tree, and you can bet that there is always something from Mattel. My daughter’s Barbie collection alone is evidence of our love for Mattel. As much as I love Barbies and Fisher Price toys, Mattel has a lot more to offer than that. Thomas and Friends, Hot Wheels and the famously popular Monster High dolls are all Mattel toys. Here are a few Mattel toys that your children may want to find under the tree this Christmas: Fijit Friends Yippits, Hot Wheels Wall Tracks and the popular Apples...

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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Boys

As a Mom to three boys, I’m no stranger to the rough and tumble type of things they like to play with. They like to be active, they like to be challenged, and they like to be busy! Here are some toys that my boys really like, and that yours may enjoy too. Click on the pictures to go to the websites....

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