Day: December 22, 2012

Our Finest can fill your holiday table

Everyone knows just how busy the holidays can be, so why not make it a little easier on yourself and get some help from Walmart when preparing for your holiday entertaining! Walmart has everything you need, from appetizers, to main course items, and even desserts and confections. These Cheese Puff Pastries are amazing. You would never realize they were out of a box. The Our Finest line of products at Walmart are really high quality, and there is something that everyone would enjoy. The Stuffing Topped Mini Turkey Pies are great for a Christmas appetizer, and I might even...

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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Men and Women

Buying for your spouse can be one of the hardest gift purchases over the holidays, at least for me! It is so much easier to get stuff for the kids, and I start to stress over what to get him. I have to admit, I also stress a little over what he will be getting for me, because I don’t want to hate it! I am not great at hiding my feelings, and he would know if I did! I have put together a small group of gifts that can work for men and women. Take a look (click the images to go to the websites)....

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Make Toys”R”Us your one stop for toys

If there is a special toy that my kids want, I know where I need to go to find it…Toys”R”Us! From electronics to dolls, they have it all, and they often have great deals too! I spent a couple of hours wandering the store a couple of days ago while I worked on my Christmas shopping, and we left with something for every kid, even the 20 year old! I love that I could find him accessories for his PS3 and movies there, so I didn’t have to go to any more stores. We also picked up some Monster...

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Holiday Gift Guide: Household Items

Gifts for the home cane be really nice, especially if it is something that everyone will use. I know there are some people who would rather not get household appliances as gifts, but I’m not one of those people. I love a practical gift! Here are some of my top suggestions for household gifts.  ...

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