Day: December 31, 2012

A healthy dessert choice for the holidays: Fruit Tart Recipe

Fruit Tart My husband prepared this delicious fruit tart for the holidays. It is a much healthier dessert choice than many sweets, and we all really enjoyed it. Prepared using Dairy Oh! and fresh fruit, this fruit tart is a dessert I am proud to serve my children during the holidays. Dessert Recipe: Fruit Tart Recipe Type: Dessert Author: Michael McDonald, Adapted from The Food Network Prep time: 2 hours 45 mins Cook time: 1 hour Total time: 3 hours 45 mins Serves: 8 A delicious and rich fruit tart. Ingredients 1 recipe Tender Tart Dough, chilled 1 cup...

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Thinking Food Safety in the Kitchen #HealthyFamilies

Over a decade ago I ran an agency that provided Dining Programs and Meals on Wheels to local seniors and people with disabilities. It was a job that required not only a lot of amazing volunteers, but also some pretty stringent guidelines around food safety and maintaining a clean kitchen. As the program coordinator, I was required to take a course on food safety and perform regular inspections of our kitchen and cooking equipment. I am proud to say that we maintained an excellent standard of cleanliness while I was in that position. I am also glad I did...

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