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Having a birthday party with your friends is almost a “rite of passage” in our home. With each child, it has happened the year that he or she was in Grade one…when they have made some friends over the previous year or two, and I have had a chance to get to know them and their families a bit. Griffin is the youngest of four children, and he’s watched his siblings celebrate their birthdays with their friends and he’s been anxiously awaiting his turn. He wasn’t going to wait another year to be in Grade one, so he had his first party with some of his friends from his Kindergarten class.

The party was a great success. We had a lane of bumper bowling for the little guys, and a lane without bumpers for the bigger kids. No one worried about who was winning, and despite being told (quite vehemently) that they did not like vegetables, all of the little rug rats were munching on my veggie tray.

Birthday parties are great, but it doesn’t have to be someone’s birthday to arrange a fun playdate. We love to gather at our local playground after school so that the kids can play together. I love it because there are always kids there of all ages so all of my children have someone to play with. And when they’re tired of the swings or climber…they go play in the leaves!

If you’re looking for more fun ways to get your kids together with their friends, try out some of these!

  • Water fight! Water guns, water balloons and even a hose will make this a fun summer activity
  • Plant a garden. We had an impromptu gathering last spring when I went out to plant my garden and had my daughter and the neighbourhood kids join me.
  • Tobogganing is a fun winter activity (but wear a helmet!)
  • Go on a picnic
  • Have a movie night
  • Put on a fashion show, and don’t think this is just for the girls…we’ve had the boys have a great time at this one!

What do you like to do on playdates with your kids and their friends?

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  1. loucheryl says

    My son and I planted a veggie garden and a flower garden this year and he is enjoying watching them grow so much!

  2. DARLENE W says

    Gardening is a great activity to do with the grandkids, except that my Grandson Nathan pops all of my Balloon Flowers, he calls them popping flowers

  3. DARLENE W says

    My granddaughters like to have friends over, whether it be for playing in the back yard or doing some crafts, they enjoy the companionship

  4. DARLENE W says

    When the grandkids are visiting and playing outside, the neighbours grandchildren are the one’s they play with

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