Our house isn’t very big. I’m not complaining, because it’s a nice home and I’m proud of it, but there aren’t a lot of options for each of us to have our own space. On cold or rainy days when the kids can’t get outside to play, I need ways to keep them occupied inside or they end up annoying one another and fighting. We love board games, but because of the different ages of our kids, that can sometimes be difficult. We all love to play Aggravation, so my husband brought home some scrap plastic from work and made us an Aggravation board. I picked up some marbles, and that has been a regular activity for our family ever since.

All of the kids like cooking and baking, especially if they are making something sweet. My husband is the baker in the family, so he has them take turns helping him, while I get them to lend a hand when making meals. My daughter and I both enjoy crafts, and she can make friendship bracelets for hours on end. The boys enjoy colouring to making paper airplanes, but they aren’t as interested in many of the crafts that Avery enjoys.Create a 3D picture with sticky mosaics

Another easy activity that we can do at home, is making our own play dough. Making the dough is an activity in itself, and following that there are several hours of fun to be had playing with the dough.  Grab a rolling pin and some cookie cutters, and the kids will really enjoy sharing their creations, and it is an activity that they can do over and over again.

If you have children who are more active and don’t enjoy the sit down activities, put some painter’s tape down on the floor for a inside game of hopscotch. Or you can tape different coloured circles of construction paper to the floor and have a homemade Twister game. And when all else fails, crank the tunes and have a living room dance party. That is always a hit!



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