Light Dessert Recipe: Strawberry & Banana Frozen Dessert

I want my kids to adopt a healthy lifestyle and make healthy choices with their meals, and as their parent it is my job to show them those healthy choices! I don’t think that making healthier choices means that you have to sacrifice on everything though, so I have been looking at ways to give them the treats they love, without all of the sugar and additives that they don’t need. Ice cream is a favourite in our house, so I started with a nice light frozen dessert.

homemade ice cream

Strawberry Banana Frozen Dessert

Recipe Type: Dessert
Author: Sheri McDonald
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 8
A low calorie and healthier alternative to ice cream.
  • 2 cups frozen strawberries
  • 2 bananas
  • 1.5 cups Dairy Oh!
  • 1 cup half and half cream
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tbsp agave
  1. Put everything in the blender.
  2. Mix until well blended.
  3. Pour into a freezer safe container and allow to freeze for at least four hours before serving.


homemade ice cream nutrition

I really enjoyed this treat. The kids didn’t find it sweet enough for their taste, so next time I will add a little honey to it, or maybe a little agave, but I really don’t think it needs much.

At 102 calories per serving it fits right into my diet. It can be made with a variety of fruits and event different extracts to change the flavour, and I love that I’m getting more fruit into the kids without them even noticing!

Another option for this recipe would be to use yogurt in place of the half and half cream. I didn’t have any on hand or I would have done that. It also gives you more options with flavours to add in some flavoured yogurt.

How are you helping your children make light and healthy choices?

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  1. nicoleroannef says

    This healthy recipe would probably work well in one of those simple ice-cream makers too. Maybe a little dark chocolate sauce made with agave and cocoa would give this a little extra appeal too.

  2. Anne Taylor says

    This sounds really delicious and refreshing! I’d have to substitute some other fruit with the strawberries as my husband is allergic to them, but yumm!

  3. Jennifer Cetoute says

    This looks yummy! I am currently on Weight Watchers down 23 pounds 15 more to go! Might need to try this!!!

  4. Laurie B says

    This sounds like a great idea. My daughter is always taking yogurt and throwing it in the freezer with a spoon in it. I think she would enjoy making it her self alot more. Thanks for the great healthy recipe.

  5. Vesper says

    Looks wonderful – getting a good cream is a bit of a problem but swapping this with Greek yogurt ? Then I could get this fairly frequently

  6. Susan T. says

    This sounds really good and light. I hate all the sugar and chemicals in most ice cream so this is a nice alternative!

  7. Francisca Ramos says

    I never tried this before. I’m going to have fun with my kids and use your recipe. They will just love strawberries and banana’s ice cream from scratch. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Lynda Cook says

    My husband bought me a Yonanas and I just love it, especially in the summer when I feel like ice cream I just use the Yonanas and I know it’s healthy, but I would love to try your recipe too sounds very good

  9. Elva Roberts says

    I am always looking for low calorie and delicious desserts. This Strawberry Banana frozen dessert seems to fill the bill entirely. Thank you for this recipe.

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