Our week in pictures, week 1 #photoaday

I am going to take a picture a day for the whole year…at least that’s my plan, we’ll see how long it lasts! Here are my pictures from the first week of 2013. Most are taken with my phone, so I’m sorry for the quality.

January 1st… My sister-in-law introduced us to this fun marble game (also known as Aggravation or Wahoo) and we are hooked! Avery was happy to win two games on New Year’s Day.


January 2nd… What do you do when you want spaghetti but you have no sauce? You make some! I had some beefsteak tomatoes that I cut in half and froze last year, so I pulled them out and added some onions, garlic, tomato paste, italian seasoning and salt and pepper. It simmered most of the day and was a little thin when we ate it at supper time, but it was perfect the following day.


January 3rd… My kids probably had a little too much screen time over the holidays, but at least they found some educational games to play. Kellen was having fun with my Kobo Vox here.


January 4th… The kids are thrilled to finally have enough snow to play in. I am less thrilled and had to take the picture from the warmth inside.


January 5th… A friend stopped over a couple of weeks ago and asked me what I thought of her hair without bangs (she’s always had them). I did what any good friend would do and told her the truth…that it aged her. So I got thinking, if having bangs makes her look younger, maybe it will for me too, lol. So … I know have bangs for the first time in about 15 years.


January 6th… We got some great packing snow overnight, and Avery wasn’t going to waste it. She got out there and built this snowman, and used a little paint for the face.


I hope you enjoy our life in pictures!


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  1. Teresa McKerracher says

    I love that idea…I never seem to take my camera with me and I miss so many shots. You look great :)

  2. says

    good for you making sauce sounds delicious and WOW Look at all that snow you have that’s crazy. We got up to an inch here in total the other day. Hopefully or not we get some more before spring gets here usually we get blasted

  3. Jenn says

    Love your pics. I’m doing the same thing and not worrying so much about composition and quality. Just making sure I snap that shutter every day!

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