Month: January 2013

My Own Worst Enemy

Every morning I get up and look in the mirror and get saddened by what I see. The double chin, the stomach that people stare at wondering if I’m pregnant, the fat thighs and the jiggly arms. It’s a far cry from the slight girl I was for 30 years, and it’s not who I want to be. Every day I look at my reflection and think to myself that I need to do something about it. I need to lose weight. I need to exercise. I need to eat better. And then the excuses start. I have no time. I can’t afford to go to the gym. I don’t have any workout clothes. My husband buys too much junk food. I have no will power. And then the insecurities set in. I can’t go out and exercise in public because I’ll look stupid. I don’t want to tell people I’m trying to lose weight because I might fail. I don’t want to ask for support, because I don’t want to look weak. But if there’s on thing life has taught me, it is that things don’t change if you don’t change them. So today I got up and told myself there would be no excuses. I will ignore my insecurities. I pulled on my old yoga pants and a yoga top that is fitting more than a little...

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Activities to do at Home with the Kids

Our house isn’t very big. I’m not complaining, because it’s a nice home and I’m proud of it, but there aren’t a lot of options for each of us to have our own space. On cold or rainy days when the kids can’t get outside to play, I need ways to keep them occupied inside or they end up annoying one another and fighting. We love board games, but because of the different ages of our kids, that can sometimes be difficult. We all love to play Aggravation, so my husband brought home some scrap plastic from work and...

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We have a favourite washroom in the house #PGMom

I grew up in a house with just one washroom.  I have many memories of standing outside the door yelling “Are you almost done!” while I tried not to leave a puddle outside of the door. Now that I have a family of six and I really appreciate having three washrooms. We don’t have to deal with the kids banging on doors and screaming at each other to hurry up, or at least we didn’t have to deal with that until I received a Charmin Washroom Kit to review. P&G sent me a package of Charmin Ultra Soft, Charmin...

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The Fairy Hobmother spread some magic my way!

On our first visit to Disney World, my daughter was asked if she wanted to be sprinkled with fairy dust. Of course she did, and a fairy wand cascaded her with sparkly fairy dust (which took me weeks to wash out of her hair, lol). She thought it was awesome, and I kind of did too. We could all use a little magic and fairy dust in our lives, and I was lucky enough to get some of my own this week when I was visited by the Fairy Hobmother! The Fairy Hobmother flutters from blog to blog reading...

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Pumpkin Pie Spiced Coffee

I love pumpkin. I would take a slice of pumpkin pie over cake any day, and pumpkin cheesecake tops the list as my favourite cheesecake. So I’m excited to add a new pumpkin drink to my menu! Pumpkin Pie Spiced Coffee   Click the image to go to the recipe, and...

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