Even though I know we shouldn’t drink so much of it, every week my recycling bin fills up with empty two litre pop bottles. It’s just my husband and I who drink it, and my 10 year old occasionally has root beer as a treat. A few weeks ago I was offered a SodaStream to try. I did some reading and found this

SodaStream’s syrups are lower in calories, carbs, sugar, sodium and caffeine than national brands. Their clear, natural and sparkling water syrups provide natural flavours without the sugars and calories.

Less sugar and calories sounds good to me, so I decided to give it a try. I received the Jet Drink Machine and a box of three sample flavours.


I read the instructions and figured out how to add the CO2 Cylinder fairly easily. The next step was easy too, just fill the bottle with cold water to the fill line and thread it onto the machine, then push the top button down until you hear a buzz. Once you hear the buzz, press it 3-5 more times depending on how much carbonation you want. But then I was a little confused about how much syrup to use. Having never purchased (or seen) the larger syrup containers, the sample bottles were all that I had reference to. The instructions said to add a cap full of syrup, so I added a cap of the sample bottle. This was not right! I needed to add the entire sample bottle. Once I bought the larger syrup bottle, I needed to add a cap full of syrup.



I like the orange and lime flavours, and I wanted to try the Root Beer, since that is Kellen’s favourite. The bottle was $6.99 (in Canada) and makes 12 litres. This is about a third of the cost of buying root beer in 2 litre bottles, and it doesn’t create any recycling or garbage! The root beer is very good, and all of us who tried it enjoyed it. I haven’t tried the diet cola yet, but it is one that I want to try since I drink it regularly (no lectures please).sodastream1

I like that you can purchase sample sets of the syrups so that you can try a bunch of flavours and see what you like before buying the larger bottles. They offer ice tea, colas, fruit flavours, natural flavours and other varieties so there is really something for everyone. I even just like making some carbonated water when I’m in the mood for something bubbly but not anything sweet.

There are several different SodaStream machines to choose from as well, so you can choose one that fits your style. I like that you can purchase extra bottles so that there are a few flavours available to drink at once.

Overall, I’m impressed with the machine and I will continue using it on a regular basis.

You can learn more about SodaStream at www.SodaStream.ca.



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