charminI grew up in a house with just one washroom.  I have many memories of standing outside the door yelling “Are you almost done!” while I tried not to leave a puddle outside of the door. Now that I have a family of six and I really appreciate having three washrooms. We don’t have to deal with the kids banging on doors and screaming at each other to hurry up, or at least we didn’t have to deal with that until I received a Charmin Washroom Kit to review.

P&G sent me a package of Charmin Ultra Soft, Charmin Freshmates and Puffs facial tissue. Now I have to admit that I am generally a bargain shopper, and we only purchase Charmin or Puffs when they are on sale or when we have coupons, which means they are not products we always have in our house. And this is why we now have a favourite washroom in the house.

I put the Charmin Ultra soft and the Charmin Freshmates in our main floor washroom. When you are used to using the recycled brand of toilet paper, Charmin feels like heaven and everyone wants to use this washroom now! I love that you don’t need to use nearly as much because it is so thick. The Charmin Freshmates are perfect for keeping little kids clean, but I did have to remove them from our washroom because the kids thought they should use them a little too much and they were clogging our toilet! Now only I know where they are and I will bring them out when needed.

Puffs has always been my favourite brand of facial tissue. I hate ending up looking like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer after having a cold, and with Puffs I can avoid that. My oldest son had a cold during the holidays and he really liked the Puffs tissues. I think he’s added them to his own grocery list at his apartment now!

Right now I have a bunch of coupons from the P&G brandSAVER , so I’m going to snip out the Charmin and Puffs coupons and stock up. Only this time, I’m putting them in my washroom and hoping the kids stay out of there so I can keep them all to myself. Moms need a little luxury now and then!


Speaking of luxury… Charmin has developed this great new app that helps you find clean rest rooms anywhere in the world! It allows you to rate public washrooms as you use them in order to help others choose where they want to go. I think it may be one of the handiest apps I have ever discovered.



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