When I had my first child I was pretty young. I was in college, living on my own in a new city and making new friends. It was easy to be a “cool mom” because I was young and still pretty outgoing! Eleven years later when I had my second, third, and finally my fourth child at 36, I wasn’t feeling so cool anymore. I needed to find “me” again and I wanted that to be someone that I could be proud of, but also someone my children would be proud of.

I started stepping outside of my comfort zone and trying new things. I taught myself web design, learned to sculpt and started my own business. With that experience I was able to do a little traveling and see some places I had never been. Eventually that business succumbed to the economy and I found myself blogging and enjoying it, which has led to some pretty awesome experiences.

Last year I went on a trip with a group of other bloggers and really got adventurous. As a group we went ziplining above the treelines in Pensacola, Florida and it was an amazing experience. I was so proud of myself for doing it, and I was ready to take on some more challenges!



On that same trip, a few of us decided to go parasailing. At first I was just going to watch, but then I decided to be brave and actually join in. With a couple of blogger friends at my side, I strapped on the restraints and sailed above the ocean while we watched the stingrays swim below us. It was unforgettable.

Since then, I have braved the New York subway system (hey, that’s pretty adventurous), traveled to Southern California where my son where we witnessed Wild Fires and watched dolphins swim, and I’ve learned that the only boundary in life is within yourself. Learning that lesson is how I kept my “cool” even as a Mom of four!



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