It seems as though everyone is in debt these days. Whether you have a mortgage (or two), a couple of vehicle loans or massive credit card debt, every one owes someone something. Fortunately, there are some free support programs, debt counseling solutions and other resources available to help you eliminate debt and get back on the right financial path.

The Debt Movement: A Community for Consumers Who Want to Crush Their Debt


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The Debt Movement is one example of a community designed for consumers to support one another throughout the debt-reduction process. The Debt Movement community aims to reduce $10 million in debt, collectively. Members have access to free tools and resources to aid them in creating a financial plan to reduce their personal debt.

GreenPath Debt Solutions Offers Free Credit and Debt Counseling

GreenPath Debt Solutions is another free option for consumers seeking information on how to eliminate credit card debt and other outstanding credit obligations. GreenPath offers financial education, housing counseling, credit counseling and financial counseling solutions free of charge to consumers, while its debt management and debt negotiation options are provided at a low cost.

Other Free Debt-Reduction Agencies Offer Aid

There are a number of other agencies which offer free or low-cost help to consumers who need to eliminate debt. Check in your local area, as some agencies operate on a local level. Here are a few examples of free consumer debt reduction solutions:

  • Operation HOPE
  • YWCA
  • Advantage Credit Counseling Service
  • Oak View Law Group
  • National Debt Relief

From these examples, you can see that there are a variety of agencies and organizations which offer some type of free debt counseling or relief services. Investigate your options before enlisting a specific organization to act on your behalf.

Should You Trust a Credit-Relief Agency?

All credit-counseling agencies are not created equal. Unfortunately, there are a few bad eggs among the pack and consumers must choose wisely which organizations they’ll entrust with their personal financial futures.

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling is a national, nonprofit group which accredits agencies and provides a number of debt relief solutions to consumers. Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS) are individual debt solutions providers having met the rigorous standards and ethical practices, including certified debt counselors, to become members of the NFCC.  Consumers who choose NFCC-accredited agencies can remain confident that the organization has their best interests at heart.

The Federal Trade Commission Wants You to Be Debt-Free

Even the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) wants to help consumers eliminate debt. This website offers free information on debt collection, budgeting, how to contact and negotiate with your creditors, and debt relief and credit counseling services.

If you’re choosing to take on debt elimination on your own, you still have options. Using savings programs like the ones on Pricegrabber will help you save some dough on regular purchases, providing more cash on hand to contribute to paying off old debt. Whatever path you choose to take, debt reduction is a realistic goal if done right.



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