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I love to travel, so a good set of luggage is an absolute necessity. In the past I have purchased discount luggage that was lightweight and flimsy, and it broke after just one use. I realized that if I’m going to be leaving my luggage in the hands of airport staff and cab drivers, I needed something that could stand up!

I found the Travel Select by Traveler’s Choice Amsterdam 4-piece Luggage Set on Overstock.com and it is just what I needed. I don’t believe that quality products have to be expensive, and this set proves that. It is affordable and durable, and it comes in four great colours.

luggage 2

This luggage set is expandable by 25-percent and constructed of 2-tone polyester with PVC backing with a push-button handle system. Other features include multiple front pockets, top and side carry handles, elastic tie straps and shoe pockets.

  • Expandable (25-percent more packing capacity)
  • Dual top
  • Elastic tie straps
  • ID window on back panel
  • Full imprinted lining
  • Set includes: 29-inch upright, 25-inch upright, 21-inch upright, tote bag
  • Color options: Red, dark grey, orange, navy
  • Front panel constructed of 1200D 2-tone polyester with PVC backing
  • Box constructed of 600D polyester with PVC backing
  • Multiple front pockets
  • Dual shoe pockets
  • Large zippered mesh lid pocket
  • Weight: 29-inch upright (10 pounds), 25-inch upright (8.95 pounds), 21-inch upright (7.75 pounds), tote bag (1.8 pounds)
  • Interior deluxe retractable push-button handle system
  • Side carry handles
  • Bag clasp
  • Each upright has two inline skate wheels with corner protectors

My kids thought it would be fun to test the size of the luggage by climbing inside. I was quite surprised to see that my ten year old fit in the largest suitcase just fine! The next size down didn’t quite fit my 8 year old so I guess she can’t be a stowaway in that suitcase, but my five year old would have fit with room to spare. He couldn’t quite squeeze into the carry on, lol.

ostock kids copy


  • 29-inch upright: 29 inches high x 17 inches wide x 10-12 inches deep
  • 25-inch upright: 25 inches high x 15 inches wide x 9-11 inches deep
  • 21-inch upright: 21 inches high x 13.5 inches wide x 7.5-9.5 inches deep
  • Tote: 11 inches high x 15 inches wide x 6 inches deep

In all seriousness, these suitcases are great for a big family trip or the individual pieces are perfect for when I am traveling alone. I really like the tote because I can use it for events that are just a day long, and the 21″ carry on is deeper than my previous carry on so it will hold more and help me avoid having to check luggage.

Each of the three larger pieces has a slide handle and two wheels. While I personally prefer the four wheel pieces, they are too difficult for my children to manage. The pieces with two wheels are easier to tip over and pull over carpet and rough ground. Overall, I’m pleased with this set and I can’t wait for the next family trip so we can use all of them!


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  1. Jennifer says

    These look very rugged. I like that. The airports now a days don’t care how they treat your things so I believe it looks like these can stand up to all the tossing the baggage people put them through.

  2. Elva Roberts says

    February 8–Thank you for telling about this Oco Luggage. I hadn’t heard about it before. I am really impressed with all of its qualities. If I have to buy luggage, I would certainly check it out.

  3. Stacey L says

    Love the color of the luggage, and the different sizes. You’ll be able to notice which ones yours when traveling.

  4. Anne Taylor says

    My husband is due some new luggage! I love how kids get into everything! lol I love that these extend up to 25%

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