It’s a new year and a new opportunity for you and your family to fulfill the dream of becoming homeowners.  Home prices have spent the last decade reaching astronomical levels, but are at last beginning to come down to more affordable levels once again.  Affordable might not be the proper word because unless you have an extra $400,000 to spare – you will need a mortgage loan if you plan to buy your next home.

Acquiring a mortgage used to be a very tedious process where you would meet with possible lenders, discuss your finances, and negotiate a monthly payment plan.  Families frequently end up paying higher mortgage rates than necessary because many lenders are more concerned with commission than helping you secure the best possible financing for your home.  Thankfully, those days are in the past now that the internet has revolutionized the application process.

Websites such as allow you to fill out an online mortgage application and eliminate the need to meet with various lenders.  By spending a few minutes online, you can determine how much of your budget you can afford to spend on monthly payments, and calculate the necessary mortgage rate to get you that payment.  This means you and your family determine how much you pay for mortgage financing instead of letting a lender dictate what they justify as a fair rate.

my lucky valentine

If a home is in your family’s plans sooner rather than later, you will likely appreciate some extra money to help make the payments more affordable. is launching its ‘My Lucky Valentine Giveaway’ promotion spanning the entire month of February.  If you apply for a mortgage at anytime during the month, you will automatically be entered into a draw for up to $300.  The promotion also allows you to refer your friends, and each friend that submits an application reenters your name for an extra chance at winning.

If becoming a homeowner is your dream, take a few minutes online and make your dream come true.



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