Do you ever feel like quitting your job? Of course you do! We all have those days, and sometimes we even follow through with that feeling. That’s exactly what the famed M&M’S spokes candies, Red and Yellow, did on February 7, 2013. They have moved on to other things! This shocking news has left some big shoes to fill at M&M Headquarters, and they are on the hunt for two new spokes candies.

Between February 11th and February 21st, 2013, M&M fans will be able to fill out an online job application form at for their shot at a shell. The winners will have their own one-of-a-kind M&M’S® spokes candy designed and created and will take over our Facebook page as a part of the team.

Do you remember when Ms. Brown joined the team? She was an excellent addition! Who do you think should be the next M&M’s Spokescandy? Do you like orange? How about Lime? Or is Hot Pink more to your liking? I can’t wait to hear all of your suggestions!

To celebrate these big changes at M&M’s, one of my lucky readers is going to win an M&M’s prize pack valued at $100!


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