It’s never too early to instill good money-spending values in children. The sooner they learn to use money wisely, the better they will be as teenagers and adults. Important money skills like saving, buying on sale and buying only what you need can go a long way. These skills will last a lifetime.

Start A Savings

When your child is old enough to count, you can start teaching him or her about saving money. A savings account at an official bank or at home will instill values about saving money for something bigger and better. A traditional-piggy bank isn’t the best solution for saving though. You should go for a bank that has separate compartments that are clear and allow the money to be visible. These compartments can be labeled spend, save, donate and invest.

Buy What You Need

Encourage your children to buy only what they need. Kids love to spend money on toys, candy and other unnecessary things. When they learn the importance of making wise purchases, they will feel empowered to use their money in a way that makes sense. It’s acceptable to want to spend more money on a nice pair of shoes or a special outfit. Using coupon codes for clothing purchases can help them get more for less. When it comes to children’s clothing, Hanna Andersson coupons are always a solid bet for big savings. Your kids will get excited about saving money on these types of purchases.

Play Video Games

Gaming may seem counterproductive, but video games actually teach children a valuable lesson about money. A majority of games have a money system, and your children will quickly learn how to make informed decisions about spending. Children will learn about money trading, investing, spending and saving with games such as The Allowance Game. Investment games for kids don’t involve any risk with real money, but your kids walk away with valuable knowledge and information so they can make wise decisions.

Use Cash Instead Of Plastic

This tip requires moms to lead by example. Children in the modern world are learning that credit and debit cards are a magical source of endless money. This can lead to dangerous habits down the road. Children need to see you using cash, and they need to use cash as well. Seeing that money leave your hands forces a reality check. Your kids will learn that all purchases come with consequence. They will also learn how to count, make sure their purchase was correct and how to handle money exchanges. This is a good lesson for children as young as three.

Teach Them To Shop Smart

Kids and teens can learn a big lesson from shopping smart. Using coupons and deals are the best way to get big savings. Hanna Andersson promo codes are great for children’s clothing, and you can easily find other promo codes for teen-clothing websites. There’s always a deal to be found when you know where to look. Your children should learn that quality purchases don’t have to come with a huge price attached.


Teaching children to use money wisely is empowering. Children should feel smart enough to handle their own money, but they will never learn without mom’s guidance, wisdom and lessons about money. You should lead by example. Parents who spend money wisely often raise children who are equally as good with money, and that is a life lesson that doesn’t have a price tag on it.



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