Buying a home is a huge decision. It is a smart investment, and a way to create security for your family. I rented for a lot of years, and I always dreamed of having a space of my own that I could fix up and change however I chose. I wanted a long term home for my children so that they wouldn’t have to worry about moving and making new friends, and most of all I wanted my money to be going back into my pocket rather than into the pocket of a landlord.  After my husband and I were married, we knew we wanted to buy our first home as soon as possible.

Our first step was to meet with a financial expert, like those you would find at Genworth Financial, to help us get our finances in order. We figured out where we should be focusing our efforts and how much money we could set aside for a down payment. From our financial advisor and realtor we learned how much we could afford for a home, and what expenses we would be responsible for once we made the purchase. Mortgage insurance was an absolute must, and we researched all of our options for it. We had our down payment in no time, and started the search for our first home.

Looking for the right home was the really fun part. I loved looking through the different houses and picturing my family in them. I was never quite happy with what we saw though, until we walked into a house that was in the process of being built. The exterior was complete, but the interior was only framed. I could see the walls and the appliances, and I knew this was our home. We put in our bid and the house was ours. We had the fun of choosing our cupboards and floors and light fixtures to create a home that was truly ours. Our financial plan was finally in motion. I appreciated having the added security of mortgage insurance so that I know our home will be paid for if something were to happen to one of us.

In my opinion, owning our home is what will help enjoy ourselves later in life. The house will be paid for before we retire, and we will have the security we need to be comfortable in our retirement. We have lived here for eight years now. We watch the mortgage shrink each year, and we make changes and improvements on the house too. I don’t know if we will stay in this house forever or move to something else in time, but I am content here for now and I appreciate the security of owning a home.

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