I have four children, so I know all about messes. Whether their hands are covered in mud, glue, paint, toothpaste, hair gel or whatever other substance they got into…I will find it on my faucets. I saved myself some cleaning by getting a hands free soap dispenser, but that didn’t solve the problem of the hand prints on the faucet. Not only does it look awful, but it can also be hard to clean. Did you know that oatmeal practically turns to cement when it dries? Thankfully, I now have the Addison Single Handle Lavatory Faucet with Touch2O.xt Technology and I don’t have finger prints and hard to clean messes on my tap anymore.

This is the tap that was in our main floor washroom before…

sink before

And this is our new Delta Touch Faucet…

sink after

My husband has never installed anything like this before, but he grabbed his tools and the instructions and got to work. It took him about two hours total to get it installed, and that’s with the help of an eager five year old.  The instructions were step by step with pictures and he had no problem following them.

Now that it’s installed, it saves me some cleaning time and allows me to spend more time making messes with the kids. It looks fantastic, and I like how high it is because the children won’t be sticking their toothbrushes on the tap anymore. The touch feature has an excellent safety feature too. With our old faucet, the kids would sometimes turn the hot water on accidentally. Now I can set the faucet where I want it (I keep it in the middle so they don’t get hot or cold water) and just leave it there. The kids love turning the water on by touching the tap, so there is no need for them to adjust the temperature and risk burning themselves.

deltaProduct Features and Benefits

  • Design inspired by the fragile scallops of a sea shell
  • Graceful curves provide a delicate beauty that adds a romantic touch to the bath
  • Featuring both Touch2O® Technology AND Touch2O.xt™ Technology
  • Activate the flow of water by just moving close to the faucet – it senses your presence anywhere 4″ around it.
  • Or activate the flow of water by touching anywhere on the spout or handle.
  • Optional 6 1/4″ Escutcheon Included
  • Delta Electronic Faucet Limited Warranty

Griffin demonstrates how easy it is to use the Addison Delta Faucet in this video…


This faucet is available in four different finishes (I chose stainless steel), and it is just one of many touch faucets available at Delta. My next Delta Touch Faucet will be for the kitchen, because there are definitely a lot of messy hands in there!

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