My kids are always asking for something to eat. Before breakfast, after breakfast, on the way to school, right after school …. they want a snack right up until about 30 minutes past bedtime. I prefer that they eat their meals, so I deter a lot of snacking before meals, but I’m pretty accommodating after their meals, and I load up their lunches at school with a variety of foods and snacks to help them do their best through the day.

Our school, like most schools, is a nut free zone. I am respectful of this because I would want the same if it was my child with an allergy. I also think it’s good to teach our children that they need to consider the people around them and not just their own needs/desires. Having said that, I want them to enjoy their lunches and not feel like they are being deprived, so I really appreciate nut free snacks like Bear Paws Morning Snacks.

bear paws morning snack

Bear Paws are already a big hit in our house. They are regularly requested by my kids, so I knew they would be excited about the new Morning Snacks. These Bear Paws come in two flavours: vanilla and blueberry. The vanilla flavour was overwhelmingly approved by everyone in our house. They are not only loved at school, but also at home. Blueberry was popular with me, my husband and my daughter.

I’ve also found these to be great travel snacks. I can throw the packages in my purse or backpack and they are perfect for the kids’ snack requests while on the road. I can feel good about them eating them, because they have 2 grams of fibre, no artificial colours or flavours and they are made with real fruit and/or yogourt.

Bear Paws has just launched a Facebook page to help moms connect, learn and share ideas on how to make family life easier and harmonious. Check it out:



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