As I have said in the past, shopping with kids can be… challenging, and I prefer to do my shopping alone, whenever possible. As the kids are getting older, it is becoming more and more possible, but there are still times when I have to take them with me.

Grocery is difficult enough as I try to get everything I need while competing with the siren’s call of the candy or toy aisle. If I had a nickel for every time I had to say “No, not today,” or back track through the store to replace items that have mysteriously ended up in my cart – – Legos? Since when does the grocery store carry Legos? – I’d never have to pay for groceries again.

And don’t get me started on clothing shopping, turn for one minute to help one try on a shirt and another has disappeared to points unknown; find the missing child and the one with the shirt has somehow managed to not only remove the store shirt, but lose track of his own.

And if all that seems difficult, imagine trying to do it while picking up a prescription.

In a perfect world I would go to the drug store, drop off the prescription, maybe do a little shopping while I wait, then pick up the prescription, check out and go home. Or, I’d call it in to the pharmacy then make a quick trip, in and out, and get on with my day. And when I shop alone, that’s pretty much what happens. But if I have to bring the kids, everything changes.

Although I’ve set up ground rules for shopping trips, the kids can still catch me in a weak moment. When that happens, they will disperse, like treat-seeking missiles, toward the toy and candy displays the second they enter the store. I am greeted to a chorus of “Mom, can I…” even before the doors have swished shut behind me. After spending a few minutes rounding them up, and putting things back, I managed to herd them to the pharmacy at the back of the store – why is it always at the back of the store? – through a gauntlet of brightly-colored distractions. If I’m lucky, I’ve made it to the pharmacy with only a few detours… only to find a queue at the counter. I could go on but suffice it to say that a trip to the pharmacy, with kids in tow, is hardly a walk in the park.


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If your trips to the pharmacy are anything like mine, then using an online pharmacy could be the solution.

Online pharmacies, like Canada Drug Center, aren’t just for uninsured people from the United States, looking for safe, legal, and reliable prescription drugs; they are also a mom’s best friend.

If I ever need to buy Mirena, or any other prescription, I simply register, order the medication and the online pharmacy sends it directly to my front door. No candy aisle distractions, no “Mom, can I”s, and I can even stay in my pajamas.

The great thing about online pharmacies is that I can also use them to buy non-prescription items: I can stock up on cold and cough medicines during cold and flu season; allergy medicine during allergy season; and adult and children’s vitamins, stomach remedies, and even toothpaste, year-round.  The other advantage is that it’s quick and simple: I just find the items I need and add them to my cart, and check out all with the click of a mouse. If I’m distracted in the middle of my order I can even save my cart and come back later.

All I need to purchase prescription drugs is a valid prescription from my doctor, and the site has a place for me to enter my prescription information. For over-the-counter drugs, I just log in, shop, and place my order when I’m done.

Whether you are filling prescriptions or stocking up on basic items for your family, you really can’t go wrong with online pharmacies.



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