This has been a long winter, and I’m really looking forward to warmer days when I can be out enjoying my garden. To avoid frost, I don’t generally plant my vegetable garden before Victoria Day weekend in May, but now is a good time to start getting ready for the garden season. I noticed the garden center appeared to be open at the Stratford Canadian Tire store, so my husband and I took the two youngest kids and headed out to do some shopping.


I love that the garden shopping starts right out in the parking lot. We hopped out of the car and went about ten feet to the tent. Unfortunately, it was empty but right around the corner there was a fenced area full of soil, compost, sand, wood chips and anything else you could imagine you would need for your garden or flower beds. I generally pick up some black soil when I’m ready to plant. That will be a few weeks still though.


The Stratford store has a fenced area that is attached to the building where they have a lot of trees, flowers and shrubs. That is where we headed next, and I found some great Mother’s Day suggestions for the family. We bought a newly built house 9 years ago, and while we have done some work on the landscaping, we still have no trees. I really want a tree, and these apple trees looked nice and were a great value at $39.99. I founds some beautiful tulips that I also think would make a great Mother’s Day gift, and I was sure to let my husband know.


After browsing the flowers and plants, we headed inside the store to see what they had to offer there. I found some trays and peat pots that are great for starting plants from seed, so I picked up some of those for my peppers and zucchini (these are plants I always have a hard time finding at the end of May). They also had cute little starter sets for the kids, and some Disney themed garden bags that my kids thought were pretty great.


Griffin fell in love with this little shovel. He just had to have it, and it was on sale so we agreed. Avery then picked out a little garden set that had a bag, real metal tools and everything you need inside to get started planting … and Griffin started to waver. He wanted a garden set too, but he couldn’t have the shovel and a garden set. Oh, the drama that followed! We went back and forth between that shovel and the garden kit so many times. I was sure he would get the shovel…


In the end, the shiny tools won out and he put the shovel back. He does have plans to get it the next time we go to Canadian Tire, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. It was a pretty cool shovel…


I bought myself some seeds, a tray and pots and some potting mix to get started planting before the season starts. I got the kids each a garden set and a pair of gloves (Tinkerbell and Mickey Mouse). We spent $61, but the family time we will gain planting the garden together, and the money we save by growing our own vegetables is priceless. Stay tuned for another year of garden updates, starting in late May!

You can view all of our pictures from this shopping trip by visiting my Google+ Album.

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