I am not a functioning human being until I have had at least one cup of coffee in the morning. I enjoy a tea at night too, and maybe a cup or two of either one throughout the day. I was given a Keurig Single Cup coffee maker to try out, and I was definitely up for the challenge!


This is the Elite 840 Keurig Brewer. It is a single cup brewer that makes 8 or 10 ounce cups of coffee, tea or specialty drinks. I was sent some k-cups to try with the brewer, but I wanted to try a big variety of drinks with it so I ordered a large variety pack online. I tried the k-cups below as well as lemon and raspberry iced tea and chai tea. Those three varieties were very popular and we ran out really quickly!


I like the single cup brewer because I am often home alone through the day and it allows me to have a coffee when I want one without having a long wait and without wasting a lot of coffee. I used to make 6 or 8 cups in my drip brewer and I would end up throwing away half of it because I was busy and didn’t get around to drinking it all before it got stale.

The Keurig is so easy to use. You can watch this brief video to see just how easy…

My kids love hot chocolate, and with the Keurig Single Cup brewer we can just throw in the k-cup and give them their hot chocolate in less than a minute. It’s so much better than boiling the kettle and making a hot chocolate only for kid #2 to show up ten minutes later and say he/she wants one too. It’s so easy that they can do it themselves!

My favourite coffee (Folgers Classic Roast) is available in a k-cup, which made me really happy. I prefer a weak cup of coffee, so I usually use my large mug and run two 8oz cups of water through one k-cup. My husband likes his coffee strong so he just runs one 10oz cup through. It works really well for both of us.

Staples has a large variety of Keurig Brewers and K-cups, so be sure to check them out!



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