Do you ever wonder how much money you waste throwing away cleaning products because it won’t spray out of the bottle anymore? I have been known to pull the sprayer off and pour the cleaner where I need it, but that also uses far more than is necessary. The people at Clorox must have realized the problem, because they came up with a solution, Smart Tube® Technology.


About SMART TUBE® Technology: Clorox introduces innovative packaging improvements to its Clorox, Tilex and Greenworks spray bottles. Exclusive to Clorox, the SMART TUBE® Technology helps solve common consumer frustrationslike not being able to use every drop of product.With the launch of Clorox’s new SMART TUBE® Technology, a first-to-market patented trigger and bottle innovation, consumers will now be able to spray every drop, saving time and effort and eliminating waste.

This technology sounds just a little too good to be true so I wanted to try it out for myself! I was sent a bottle of Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover and an empty bottle to try out the last drop theory.

First I sprayed a little of the Tilex into the last drop bottle. I then took the lid off of the test bottle (you can see the red tip that goes into the smart tube) and poured the last drop bottle contents into the test bottle.

last drop

Once the drop was in the test bottle, I put the lid on, turned the dial to “on” and started squeezing the nozzle. Tilex sprayed out on the second squeeze and then on every squeeze afterwards. I didn’t count, but I would say I sprayed it about two dozen times before it ran out of cleaner. The bottle was completely empty.

last drop end

I am pretty impressed. Every last drop was pulled up the tube and the bottle was empty and dry. With the amount of cleaning I have to do (in a house with six people and a dog), it’s nice to know that there will be no waste with our cleaning products. This is definitely a WIN!

Clorox and Tilex cleaning sprays featuring the SMART TUBE® Technology are available in stores now and can be found at most retailers like Loblaws, Walmart, Target, Safeway, Metro and Sobeys. Availability is dependent on product and geographic region.  Green Works cleaning sprays featuring SMART TUBE® Technology will be available in stores in May/June 2013.

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