nokia lumia 920

With the recent addition of a Windows 8 computer to the household, we were interested in how the Windows 8 Smartphones would work along with it. We were provided a Nokia Lumia 920 to try out. This is a great smartphone that boasts the following:

  • 8.7 MP PureView megapixels Camera sensor (main camera resolution) Nokia PureView Camera
  • 4.5 ” Display size Snapdragon™ S4 Processor name
  • 10.8 h Maximum 3G talk time
  • 74 h Maximum music playback time

Since my husband uses the Windows 8 Laptop, we set up the Nokia Lumia 920 for him to use too. This is what he had to say about the phone…

There are a lot of features that I really like about this phone. 

  • It has a 4.5” screen that is excellent for watching any kind of video.
  • The live tiles on the start screen are a pretty cool feature because you get brief updates from some of your apps without having to go directly to that app, whether it be what some of your friends updates on Facebook or the current weather conditions. It is right there as soon you open your phone.
  • The app screen is easily navigated. Your apps are listed alphabetically and at first I thought you had to scroll down from A to Z to find what you want. I then learned that if you tap any of the letters at the head of the corresponding apps it will reveal the alphabet and you can pick the letter of the app you wish to get to.
  • I really like the copy and paste option. If I’m looking for some information on my web browser and find what I’m looking for (eg. a phone number) I can just highlight it and tap the little copy icon that appears. Then I go to my phone and paste in the number I just copied and hit send.
  • I like that this phone is totally compatible with my laptop which both run on Windows 8.
  • The app selection is large considering the Windows app store is fairly new. Some of your favourite apps may not be there  but, like I said, the Windows app store is fairly new. Realistically there are only two apps that I really want that haven’t been made available to the WP8 just yet.
  • Listening to music with or without headphone is a real pleasure on this device.
  • The Nokia GPS app is really good although I haven’t had the opportunity to use it very much.
  • The camera takes great pictures and with Skydrive I can easily send my photos from my phone to my laptop.

I played with the phone a bit myself too. The camera was the first thing I tested, and I was very impressed. All of the pictures below were taken with the Nokia Lumia 920. Spring hasn’t quite visited us yet (in terms of temperatures anyway), so while the grass is not quite green and our trees still have no leaves, this camera still picked up beautiful and vibrant colours. I had my DSLR out on the same walk, and the colour in the photos is comparable between the two.

Nokia 920

I appreciate a phone that has everything I need, and this is true of the Nokia Lumia 920. Like  my husband mentioned, the tiles make it easy to get a quick snapshot of what is going on (on facebook, if you have email, were you messaged, etc). A quick swipe brings up the menu where you will find things like Nokia City Lens, which will provide you with all of the dining, hotel and entertainment information you need about whatever city you are visiting. Nokia Drive is a navigation system and Nokia Transit will help you get around using public transportation. I also really like the Creative Suite which allows you to adjust your photos to different colour schemes like the soccer photos shown below.


Overall, I’m impressed with the capabilities of the Nokia Lumia 920, and my husband is thrilled with his new phone. One of my lucky readers will also get to experience this phone!

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