LSS12COL5077 LSS Power 45g CoolBreeze_HRWhen I was given two types of Lady Speed Stick to try I thought the timing was perfect. I was heading to Florida to attend a Social Media Conference, and not only was it going to be hot and sunny there… it’s a little stressful to head to another country and be surrounded by hundreds of other amazing bloggers that you don’t know. I could use all of the help I could get!

LSS12COL5077 LSS Power 65g Gel Fresh Fusion_HR

I had the regular travel stressors of getting to the airport on time after sitting in traffic for over two hours, and I had the added stress of traveling with my teenage niece (teenage girls are a new beast for me). But the thing that was really making me sweat over the trip was a fun run I volunteered for. Obviously the actual run was going to make me sweat, but it was the idea of the run that was bringing out the stress sweat! I was pretty sure I had bit off more than I could chew, and I didn’t want to look like a fool. One of my favourite competitors from The Biggest Loser was also going to be at the run, and that was just adding to my stress!

I put on my Cool Breeze Lady Speed Stick on run day. The extra protection and a little confidence got me through the day just fine.  It was an amazing experience!

So tell me, what makes you sweat?


If you would like to try out the varieties of Lady Speed Stick (and some men’s Speed Stick too), you will want to enter this contest for a gift basket!

Gift Basket will include:

  • 1 LSS FI Fruity Melon 45 g
  • 1 LSS Stainguard Daringly Fresh 65g
  • 1 LSS Power Cool Breeze 45 g
  • 1 MSS Power Fresh 14 g
  • 1 MSS Irish Spring Original Deo 92 g
  • 2 MSS Power Fresh 14g

The contest is open to Canadian residents only and there are six prizes to be won! Winners will be selected on  May 31st.

You can also claim a coupon by clicking here! The coupon offer ends on May 25th, so get yours quick!

I was compensated by Colgate for the post. All opinions are my own.



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