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I’m hungry. Can I have a snack?

That’s a line I hear about every twenty minutes in my house. I’m a pretty relaxed Mom when it comes to food. I don’t mind snacks in between meals, as long as most of them are healthy choices. Here are some fast and easy summertime snacks for kids:

  • A glass of milk – cold, refreshing and healthy too…it’s the perfect treat for a hungry child. It’s also a great side for pretty much any snack. I recommend Dairy Oh! milk so that your children are getting the added DHA.
  • Melon – watermelon is a popular summer choice and it’s fun to eat too!
  • Berries – berries are full of anti-oxidants and kids love their natural sweetness.
  • Fruit – an apple, an orange or a bowl of grapes are all great snacks on a hot day.
  • Veggie platters – raw vegetables aren’t just great nibblers during the holidays, but they are perfect to set out and let the kids snack on them when they pass by.
  • Cheese and crackers – cheese and crackers are tasty and filling, and there’s so many varieties to choose cream
  • Homemade cookies – when you make them yourself you can control what goes in them!
  • Trail Mix or granola – this is also great when home made.
  • Yogurt – if you are looking for a frozen treat, go ahead and freeze some yogurt…it’s healthy and delicious.
  • Tarts – I prefer tarts made with fresh fruit or berries.
  • Popsicles – make them with fresh fruit to avoid the added sugar.
  • Ice Cream – whether you buy it at the store or make it yourself, the kids always love ice cream.
  • Dried Fruit – banana chips are a big hit in my house, and raisins are nature’s candy.
  • Nuts – each of my kids has a favourite, and none of them are the same. What is your favourite nut?
  • Seeds – sunflower seeds are so fun to eat, but make sure they are outdoors and not leaving shells all over the house!
  • Fruit and veggie smoothies – there are so many recipes to choose from that you are bound to find something that the kids like.

What are your favourite summertime snacks for kids?

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