Day: June 6, 2013

Skiing with the Family for the First Time {Guest Post}

You may have been lucky enough, in your youth, to give skiing a go and you may have enjoyed it so much that you pretty much mastered the moves. All of a sudden, you’re flung into the world of responsibility, with the prospect of a career and family life emerging. The chances of care-free skiing would have been put on hold for a while but as soon as your kids are old enough to don the skis themselves, there’s no reason why you can’t get back on the slopes. Sure, the concept of safety and the prevention of broken...

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Don’t do rides? You can still love Disney! #DisneySMMoms

While we love to go to Disney World, not everyone in my family loves rides. My twenty year old son and my ten year old son prefer to find their enjoyment in more tame activities, and that is a trait they share with their Nana (my Mother). In forty years, despite many trips to amusement parks, theme parks and fairs, I had never seen my Mother go on a ride. I knew she didn’t like them and we never pushed her to go outside of her comfort zone. Earlier this month my Mom and niece accompanied my daughter and...

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