Eric on our wedding day

My husband jumped into parenting with both feet when we got married because I already had a ten year old son. It took some adjustments, but they had a great relationship and we were all thrilled when the adoption was finalized and Eric was officially his child. We didn’t wait long to start adding babies to the family and we were soon joined by Kellen.

Babies were a new thing for Mike, but you wouldn’t know it by how he was with them. He was always very hands on and did a lot of the diaper changes and getting baby through the night. I breastfed our children but he didn’t let that stop him from bonding with them. He was quick to help with whatever I needed or wanted while I was feeding the baby, and when they were done he was happy to take over the burping job. Mike enjoyed just cuddling with our kids when they were little, and you could often find them taking naps together.

When the kids are afraid to try something (like sit with Santa Claus for a picture), Mike is the first to step in and help to make them feel at ease. He doesn’t mind getting silly either, which always seems to calm a scared child down.

dad and babies

Left: Santa, Daddy, Kellen & Avery
Top Right: Kellen meets Avery
Bottom Right: Daddy bonding with Griffin

My husband’s youngest sister is due to have a baby TODAY! It’s a very similar situation to our own because she was a single Mom to a son, and she is now engaged to be married and having a baby with her soon to be husband. He is a great father to our nephew and I know he will be a great Dad to the new baby too, but here is my husband’s advice to his future Brother-in-law about being a Dad:

  • Always listen to your wife (he’s a smart man)
  • Pick your battles
  • Be patient
  • Put your family first
  • Look at life through your children’s eyes
  • Let your children be who they want to be, not who you think they should be

Parenting is the toughest job ever, but it’s worth every second!

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