ID-10098818This school year has been a tough one. Griffin requires extra help and was getting it through Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and most recently, physical therapy…. most of which happened out of town and took up a lot of time. Kellen was sick for most of the year. We had constant doctor’s appointments and sick days that eventually turned into a six week absence from school coupled with a hospital stay. He missed his friends and class trips and came home to an entirely new way of life. And our lives changed too.

I hung charts for medications and wrote notes for appointments across our whiteboard. Special diet charts were referred to daily. The school calendars were relocated to make room for the medical calendars, because I thought we would always remember to go check them.

Yesterday we decided to take a break from life and escape to a theme park for the day. It fit well in my work schedule and when I asked the kids they all said they had nothing going on at school and wanted to go. I didn’t check their calendars. Mommy Fail.

This morning we were getting ready for school and Kellen suddenly realized that he missed his class trip yesterday. The only one that he actually could have gone on this year, and because I was trying to be the fun Mom, he missed it. He melted into a puddle of tears and I held mine back while I tried to console him. I feel terrible. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to fix something more than I want to fix this. He’s had such a hard year and he deserved to go on that trip and have fun with his friends.

I wish I had a time machine.



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