Wantizen.com makes booking your vacation easier! Once you know where you want to stay, visit their site and enter your search criteria, including where you are visiting, when you will travel, how many people are traveling with you and how many bedrooms you need. You can then add on additional requests like free parking, swimming pools or wifi access. Hit search and Wantizen will find the properties that fit your needs.

There are currently over 30,000 properties to choose from around the world and the list keeps growing.

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So what makes Wantizen different from other travel sites? The search is not the end on Wantizen. Once your search is complete and you have looked over all of your options, you can  click on “make me an offer”. Wantizen will then reach out to the property owner(s) to see if they may have a better rate than the one listed. Essentially, it gives you a chance to get an even better deal than first thought, which is a very real possibility, especially if the property owners have vacant properties that need filling. So basically you get to haggle the prices without actually doing the haggling.

If you love to talk travel and learn more about the services Wantizen has to offer, be sure to like their facebook page. You never know what travel gems may inspire you! You can also join the Wantizen blog to find photo contests, travel articles, vacation tips and more fun travel chat. If you are a jetsetter, you want to follow Wantizen!

This service is headed up by the ex CEO of YummyWeb, which was bought out by the hugely popular JustEat.com – the world leader in online ordering of takeaway food – so it’s got great backing and is sure to be a huge success!!

Website: wantizen.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Wantizen
Twitter: @wantizencom



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