My kids love dinosaurs. I’m sure that’s not a shocker…don’t all kids love dinosaurs? They are big, scary and no longer in existence which makes them more than a little mysterious. Plus there are so many cool dinosaur movies and toys to entertain them. Geoworld makes high quality dinosaur toys that will thrill your children.

Geoworld recognizes how much children love dinosaurs and created a great line up of toys. The took it a step further though, and included an learning component. Kids can become archeologists while they dig for dinosaur bones or piece bones together to build a dinosaur. They can learn about the different types of dinosaurs and really feel like they are budding archeologists.

Griffin worked away on this little egg and eventually discovered a little dinosaur. He was pretty proud of himself for doing it alone. Being the youngest child in a large family, he often asks for or gets help but with a little patience and determination he could do this one on his own.

Kellen loves projects like this, and he also dug his way through an excavation kit to find a dinosaur. He then put together this Parasaurolophus that was enclosed in the very cool looking dinosaur egg.

He was very proud of it! Unfortunately, we learned that they are somewhat fragile and if you drop them they will break. A little glue and it will be good as new again, but we will be sure not to let it fall again.

The kids in the neighbourhood were all pretty interested in the excavating that took place in our backyard (on the patio table, not in the ground) and together they all enjoyed playing with the dinosaurs too.

The Canadian Toy Association has named Geoworld’s T-Rex as one of the Hot Toys for Summer! One of my lucky readers can win the Triceratops from the same line of toys!


In Dino Dan’s world, dinosaurs are everywhere and you can join in the fun with this monster sized Triceratops! Based on the world famous Dino Dan TV adventure series you can follow along with your 14.2” Dino model. The package contains:

  • Dino Dan triceratops model – action dinosaur (size: 36 cm. Scale 1:20)
  • DVD with Dino Dan episode and an exclusive video clip from the Royal Tyrrell Museum
  • Dino Dan sound player with 4 dinosaur roars
  • Dino Dan fact sheet with a secret access code to unlock exclusive Dino Dan bonus content and lots of scientific information

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