First let me thank Sheri for lending her space for me! I was invited to the Hasbro Holiday Preview for my own blog and since I was there last year, I knew there would be tons to write about! So, I covered the new infant and preschool toys over on my blog and I’m continuing on with what toys will be the hot ticket items for all the older kids in our lives (my husband also fits in this category)


Hasbro is coming out with a new Easy Bake Oven for their anniversary. They spruced up the colours a bit and they’re welcoming some new pans and icing tools. We gave Lauren (my 6.5 year old) an easy bake oven for Christmas so I’m sure she’ll be all over the new one too!

Nerf is always a popular brand with Hasbro and this year will be no exception. In fact, the girls were too young when we received some nerf guns, so Adam and I needed to try them out for ourselves. I’m almost glad Adam didn’t come with me to the preview because he’d still be there playing with them.


This year, there are some new  Nerf guns for the little girls in our lives. Brightly coloured in pink/purple and teal, plus a pretty awesome bow to pay homage to Brave. The boys also have some pretty sweet new guns to take the girls on with.


One of  Hasbro’s push is Family Game Night. Something we’re definitely looking to incorporate into our weeks to come. I always wanted to play board games with my parents but we never seemed to get it together. For some of their most popular games (example: Life, Monopoly, etc) have gotten a makeover to bring them current. They look like they’re going to be so fun. I should start stocking up on games now to have on hand in a few years! I remember one Sunday afternoon playing Monopoly with my dad. My dad bragged that no one has ever beaten him at Monopoly before. That was our last game together, because I beat the pants off of him! Couldn’t take rejection, I guess. 😉


Adding to the family game night fun is a new twist on Twister. Remember skip-it? I had one as a girl. Knock off, I’m sure! Premise was to skip over a ball on the end of a plastic rope connected to your ankle. (I’m so not doing justice by explaining that!) It had a counter on the end where it would count how many times you managed to skip over the ball. Twister is bringing it back and I can’t wait to try it. Words can’t even describe how excited I was to see it. I almost asked to try it in the middle of the floor!

Bringing our must have toys to an end, are the new additions to Kre-o, Marvel and Beyblades . Even though I’m a mom to girls, I grew up being a huge tom boy. Lego and dinky cars made up 90% of my toys. Kre-o works with all Lego sets with some fun new blocks to play with too. I wasn’t ever really into Marvel, but Adam was. He still has his comic book collection around here somewhere! And even though I wasn’t into super heroes these new toys had me wishing for a tom boy of my own!



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