Several of my readers won the chance to try Banana Boat Reflect Naturals Sunscreen and share their views on Kidsumers. As a thank you for their work and their honest reviews, one of them could win a Visa gift card in a random draw. Here are their reviews…


Judy C. – I recently had the chance to try out Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen. We have tried it out several times now including a trip to the beach! Things I love about it is that it is 50 SPF, even though it is thick it does apply easily, doesn’t dry white, that it is water-resistant, that it has a mild scent, that it is made from naturally sourced ingredients and that the container is a nice size to throw in my purse or beach bag so we can carry it with us at all times. We have issues with sensitive skin and so far there have been no reactions to this sunscreen so that is a plus. Will we continue to use it? Yes we will!

Sabrina T. – This sunscreen worked just as I expected it too and it’s fantastic. You get a bit of an arm workout during the application process but it’s worth the peace of mind knowing your child is protected from those harmful UVA and UVB rays. I really appreciate that this product is more natural, I personally worry about what chemicals I apply to my child’s skin. Upon searching the ingredient list there weren’t any red flags that jumped out at me. I really like that there wasn’t a sneeze inducing scent with this product as well. $11.99 is a reasonable price point for this product. I would recommend this product.

Brenda – When I first tried it, I was a little concerned about how opaque and sticky it was. It reminded me of diaper rash cream and my husband said it reminded him of school glue.
Both myself and my husband tried it on ourselves. We were surprised by how easily it applied and that it rubbed easily. I really liked how my skin felt afterwards. It didn’t feel sticky or oily, and best of all, no smell!
My two boys have used it for a few days. My youngest has sensitive skin and will often get a rash with irritation when using lotions or sunscreens, but no reactions at all with this sunscreen. They each wore the sunscreen to Sport’s Day at school and said when they were sweating and hot it didn’t run into their eyes or make them feel “gross”. It did a great job of protecting them, we had no burns. When I asked the kids if they preferred this sunscreen to others we have used, they both agreed that this one beat them all. My oldest said it was “Way better! It doesn’t stink or make me feel gross.”

Christy – It rubbed into the skin very easily and absorbed well. I do not usually purchase such a high SPF because in the past it felt heavy, sticky and almost to the point where I felt it was trapping in body heat! I loved that it was unscented, as we have bee/wasp allergies. Overall, I felt like I was using a daily moisturizer. I would purchase this!

Jennifer L. – I was happy to get to try out this sunscreen. I’ve used it on both my son and myself and love how it provides so much protection. I feel confident using it because of its SPF value of 50 and because it’s so water resistant. Many sunscreens sting my son’s eyes but this one didn’t at all. I also love that it’s more natural than other sunscreens and it didn’t feel like we were slathering chemicals on ourselves. It’s easy to put on and then forget about. I will definitely keep using it.

J. – I used for our school beach day on Friday. Up until now I have been using spray on sunscreen just for ease on putting it on though I always wondered how much I have been wasting using a spray. The Banana Boat sunscreen smelled great and went on smooth and absorbed quickly without being sticky. That combined with the natural aspect of having fewer chemicals that other sunscreens would have me buying it again. Thanks!

Josie – This was the first time I have tried a natural sunscreen. My first reaction was ‘wow this stuff is thick’. I automatically figured it would make me look pasty white and take a long time to rub in. I was half wrong. While it did take a little longer to rub in due to the thickness, it did not make me look pasty white at all. The thickness is because it’s a cream, not a lotion. What I loved is that there was no greasy feeling after rubbing it on. It went on smoothly. And there is no scent! YAY! Some sunscreens have a really terrible scent. My daughter suffers from eczema so finding a product that won’t irritate her has been a challenge. Time to test this one out. I lathered her up and we went to play outside. She didn’t have that shine that she usually gets from other sunscreens. We spent 2 hours playing outside and I was seriously impressed. No irritation and no burns.
Thanks so much for the opportunity to review this sunscreen. It’s a definite buy for us!

Betty – Thank you so much for the Banana boat sun screen. It is a wonderful product. I love the fact it has no scent and is not greasy. It is easy to apply and the protection is great. With the hot sunny days we have had lately, it has been great protection from the sun.

Jo-Anne – What an amazing product, the Banana boat natural Reflect Sunscreen lotion worked wonders on the pale skin of my kids and I will admit to slapping some on myself. It worked better than I had ever hoped and after a very busy and hot week in the sun I am thrilled to report that there was not one incident of sunburn on any of my family members.

We put it to the test while being out on the water fishing, swimming and playing in the sun for hours. It really is water resistant and does not sting the eyes and this was a big relief because once the kids are in the water they touch their eyes a lot, it really is mild as water. I had brought along our normal sunscreen just in case but I am happy to report it no longer has a place in the cabinet. Knowing that the Banana Boat Reflect Sunscreen is all natural seals the deal. Having an all natural alternative will make our summer one to remember for me.
Thank you Banana Boat for such an amazing product, it really is superior in every way and the only thing I will ever use on my family againAmanda F. – I received the new Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids sunscreen lotion and was excited to test it out on my children. We finally got some sun and was able to test it out… and we love it! When you apply, it didn’t have that greasy feel to it like I had to wash my hands right after and it rubbed into the skin so easily. My kids usually are wiggling to get loose to run outside, so I loved the tear free part, and like every child who has small big bites and scrapes, they didn’t screech that it stung when I applied. I was actually love the fact it was water resistant too and SPF 50 for those hot summer days. Thanks Banana Boat! This sunscreen is Mom approved here, and it will definitely be my choice of sunscreen lotion for my kids from now on!Eileen O. – Love: The sunscreen lotion has no fragrance and when dried, does not feel tacky.
For kids, the lotion goes on white and stays white until you rub it in. Great for older kids who would like to put sunscreen on themselves so they’ll know exactly where it’s been applied.
The only thing was that it took a while to dry and my skin felt sticky for a few minutes. Having used a spray sunscreen previously, the waiting time seemed long.Haylie L. – I received the sunscreen middle of the week so I’ve been able to use it almost every day(thanks for sunny weather Mother Nature!). Not only did I use it on my kids but also on my smallest dayhome kids.
I like this sunscreen, it goes on smooth and absorbs quickly enough. I like the fact that it goes on white and disappears as it’s absorbed into the skin, and I LOVE the fact there is NO stickiness after it’s applied. For the past 2 years I’ve had a difficult time finding a good sunscreen for my kids, and I’m really impressed by this. I’ll definitely be buying this brand in the future.Heather M. – Loved the scent-free, non-greasy formula. Quick to absorb right into the skin!

Natasha S. – I’m absolutely in love with the sunscreen.. i used it on my daughter and myself for over a week and it worked great! we loved the smell of it.. the feel of it..everything about it was absolutely great!!!.. it went on easily, was not greesy.. worked great n and out of the water.. it was fantastic!!! It is the only sunscreen that i will use now i’m totally turned!

Julie – Every Monday, my husband & I look after three of our grandkids while their parents are at work. Since we have a swimming pool in our backyard, we tend to spend a lot of time outdoors, so we were able to give the Banana Boat sunscreen a really good tryout.
Our big boy, 5 year old B. said “I don’t want to smell girly with that sunscreen.” After letting him take a whiff, he was content that it was okay to give this new sunscreen a try instead of our usual brand. Whew, passed the smell test!
Miss Independent, 3 year old K. was adamant that she apply the sunscreen herself, so I let her help me. Needless to say, she swiped some into one of her eyes, but good news, no stinging and no tears. Passed that test too. I hate when sunscreen seeps into their eyes when they sweat and it makes them cry.
Little Miss, 1 year old L. can be a squirmy handful when it comes time to apply sunscreen, so I was appreciative of how easy it was to apply the sunscreen and get it to rub in.
After an afternoon in the sunshine we have no sunburns to report, so Banana Boat gets six small thumbs up from our munchkins and four big thumbs up from Grandma and Poppa.

Heidi – With four young children in the family, we go through a lot of sunscreen. I am always on the lookout for the ideal product – one which provides maximal coverage, is not greasy and preferably doesn’t contain a lot of potentially toxic ingredients. For these reasons, I was very excited to try Banana Boat’s Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen Lotion. And I was not disappointed! Only a small amount of the product was required to give excellent skin coverage which is particularly important as my children are quite fair-skinned. The lotion goes on white due to the natural zinc oxide which is helpful as you can make sure that you don’t miss any areas. The sunscreen initially felt thick but was not greasy at all and was well-absorbed. The sunscreen worked well as my kids perspired, played in the water and enjoyed the outdoors safely. I was concerned that my sons who have eczema might have issues with this product but it did not cause any worsening of their skin conditions. And, importantly, there isn’t a long list of questionable ingredients on the sunscreen tube. I am definitely going to continue purchasing this sunscreen and highly recommend it. I have already put tubes in my purse and diaper bag!

Stephanie – I gave it to my little cousins. They liked the feel of it and enjoyed smelling pretty. They spend a lot of time outside so it’s nice to know their skin is protected.

Florence C – The grandkids came to visit and I put the sunscreen on them to go outside to play. They have fair skin and it worked quite well in protecting them from getting any sunburn.

And the winner is….

#4 – Christy! Congratulations.



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