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SmartBrush-Bottle-Brush-285x255productlistingfull_797We have a new niece in the family, and she’s pretty precious. Like every Mother, her Mom wants to keep her happy and healthy. She is a breastfeeding Mom, but they recently started using bottles so that the new Daddy can take turns feeding the baby too. It’s a great bonding time for them! Having supplemented with my kids, I know what a pain it can be to make sure that baby bottles are clean and sterilized, so I was happy to share these great tools from Playtex with the new parents.

smart_steam_285x255productlistingfull_829The Playtex SmartBrush Bottle Brush has a 360˚nipple brush and ergonomic design to ensure the best clean. It reaches deep down into bottles of all sizes and makes sure that you are getting it really clean. The nipple brush is perfect for scrubbing the bottle nipples too. I had a similar bottle brush when my kids were babies and it was such a time saver.

Once the bottles are clean, you want them sterilized! Playtex created the new SmartSteam Microwave Sterilizer. The Microwave Sterilizer fits up to six bottles and 12 nipples and eliminates 99% of germs and bacteria in two minutes. This is so easy to use. Just place the bottles and nipples inside, snap the lid shut and microwave it. It gives Mom peace of mind and makes sure baby stays healthy too!

These are perfect baby gifts for new parents, and even for parents who have been around the block before! I know that with four kids I had to replace many bottle brushes over the years, and a sterilizer would have been very appreciated. I love to give practical gifts that parents can actually use, and this fits the bill!



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