Last month I tried out the Schick Hydro Silk Disposable razors and I was impressed! They give a smooth and comfortable shave and leave my legs feeling great. I also gave some of my readers a chance to try the razors and tell me what they thought. Here are their reviews…

schick hydro silk disposablesLove the razor. I am usually very cautious with the first use , (nicks) but felt very comfortable and the razor seemed to glide effortlessly over my skin. Very handy design. Love the moisturising serum and am pleased to say no reaction on my skin(sensitivities). Love that I got to give it a try. Give it about an 8.5-9 out of ten. The shave was great , still smooth after 3 days so that is a great razor. Thanks for the trial. -Carey

I loved how the razor looked. The grip was comfy and felt secure in my hand because of the gel-like handle. Actually, this is one of the most coolest razors I have ever used. The light blue colour was very nice, as well. I absolutely love all the blades. The most blades I ever used was 3. This one had 5. Talk about a good, clean shave. I have never used a gel infused razor before and I was wandering how that would go. It made my skin really soft. This really surprised me. Advertising is one thing but this razor impressed me. I usually put cream on after a bath or shower but because I used this razor I only put moisturizer where I did not shave.I will definitely buy this razor again. No more using the husband’s razor. This razor is made for a princess.Thanks for sending me the product to review. I just found my new razor. – Doreen L.

I am very pleased with this razor it is very nice to hold , not bulky , i find it’s very easy to handle and light. It shaves very close and I love the 5 blades. I wouldn’t want to use anything less than the 5 blades. I find it shaves very well in one swipe , not repeated shaving over and over. I love the moisturizing serum , it leaves my legs very soft to touch and I didn’t need to put cream on my legs after shaving , which i usually would have to do. My legs didn’t feel irritated and weren’t bleeding , which i usually cut myself and I have had great results with this razor. I like the thought that its also disposable and will a lot cheaper than going out to buy refills ….also this will be my new razor that i will buy. , I am definitly sold on this product ! – Trina

The Shick Hydro Silk razor has really impressed me during this trial. I have sensitive skin and the hydro silk razor left my skin so smooth and it was really easy to reach hard to reach places with the swivel head. I was also never left with dry skin. The five blades let me get that close shave and I didnt have to shave everyday like with other razors, in fact it took 5 days for the hair to grow back! I also like the way this razor is designed; it contains a nice soft rubber grip which I found really easy to hold onto while shaving. Very happy with this razor and I will definitely be purchasing the hydro silk disposables in the future! – Kristy D

I shave my legs every day of the year and insist on a razor which not only does a great job, but also leaves my skin smooth and feeling great. The first thing I noticed about this razor is that it doesn’t fall apart from being left in the shower – too many times I’ve been frustrated by a razor that quickly became ruined due to being left on the side of the tub. I really enjoyed the feel of the handle and was very impressed with how smooth my legs felt after using it. This is a great razor for home or vacation. It is easy to pack and travels very well. Next time, I am perusing the shaving aisle, I’ll be sure to look for Schick Hydro Silk Disposables again! – Pamela Y

The first thing I noticed about this razor was the rubber grips on the handle. It made for a great non-slip surface while using it in the shower. I liked the moisturizing beads on the razor that were released as I shaved. It eliminated the need for shaving gel but I do wonder how many shaves I can get with the moisturizing beads before they dry up. The razor glided smoothly up and down my legs and caught all of the hair leaving me with silky, smooth legs. I was really impressed by the job of this razor! I did feel the need to moisturize my legs after shaving as they felt a little dry. Overall, this is a great disposable razor and much better than the disposable razors I have tried with only one or two blades. The five blades of this razor allowed for a close, comfortable shave. I would definitely recommend this product to others. – Amy M

LOVE this razor it shaved very closely without having to go over the same spot to get the skin smooth. The moisturizing shaved strip worked very well and left my legs feeling very soft. It also lasted me a long time. 🙂 Thanks – Amy H

The first thing I noticed about the Schick Hydro Silk Disposable razor is the handle. The handle is a white opaque frame with a translucent, pretty light blue interior colour. In a bathroom like ours – which is on the dark side – these bright colours makes it easier to spot. The feel of the handle itself is great. The white frame has a hard plastic feel while the blue translucent portion is a soft, almost rubber-like which is reasonably soft.
Beyond that, though, I love the handle’s ergonomics: the shape, the size, and the ribbed surface on the top and bottom made for a solid grip. So if you shave in the shower, you can hold it in a variety of positions and it won’t leave your hand. Unlike a basic disposable razor that might possess a straight hard plastic handle that could slip out of your grasp and, goodness forbid, cause you to knick yourself.
Of course, the likelihood of that happening lessens not only with the razor handle but also with the razor blade head. It features five blades that bend ever so slightly to the contours of your body as you shave. They’re followed by a blue rubber, ribbed surface which, I assume, gently rubs the just-shaved area to remove shaved hair. I like the five blades which seem to remove more hair than a razor with just two or three blades. This means you won’t have to run the razor over your skin as many times or as hard. The blue rubber strip below the five blades tend to get a few hairs caught up in its ridges – my fine leg hair seems to wedge itself pretty good – but I am able to clear it out with a bit of effort. Even then, hairs lodged in the blue rubber strip don’t seem to affect the overall shave quality.
Lastly: when you’re done shaving, you can storage it using the little hole in the neck of the razor handle. It gives you the option of hanging it from a hook. Which I thought was nice. But only nice if you can find one to fit through the relatively small hole. Whether you choose a hook or even a peg or nail, the head would have to be smaller than your typical thumb tack.
Now the important question: should you buy it? Depends on how much you are willing to spend. A casual search on the internet reveals a price that makes a Hydro Silk Disposable razor more expensive than a basic razor. That said, the price difference per razor isn’t extreme. So if you’re in a dollar pinch, you could buy basic disposable razors. But if you would like a convenient storage option, a fantastic handle, and the kind of shave you can’t get in a pack of basic disposable razors, consider buying Schick Hydro Silk Disposable razors. – J. Long

Overall I really liked the new Schick Hydro Silk Disposables razor. It gave a close shave and I didn’t get any nicks, irritation or bleeding which I’m particularily prone to. I also liked that I could get in all the nooks and crannies around my ankles and knees unlike with some of the bulkier razors. The jelly-like strip which helps lubricate while shaving is great as well.
The razor looks pretty spiffy too but my only concern is the amount of plastic used in this disposable razor. I would understand and appreciate if the disposable version of a razor used less plastic than the reusable one. For this reason I will stick to the Schick Hydro Silk reusable razor. – Angela M

Thank you for the razor! I’m really happy with it – it has a good grip and I don’t drop it as often as some other razors I’ve used. The moisturizer strip made it a really nice close shave and I could wait a day in between, which is fantastic in summer.The moisturizing in strip means that it would be good to take in an overnight back – you could make do without shaving cream, which would be great. – Sunshine

Thanks once again for letting me try the new Schick Hydro Silk Disposables razor. I had a chance to use it yesterday and I have to say it’s one of the most amazing razor I have tried yet. My legs and hands felt so smooth and wasn’t irritated like with some of the razors I have used in the past. I didn’t have to go over twice to shave. It was quick and easy to shave and yes I didn’t get any cuts:) And the way the handle is designed makes it easy to shave. Overall, this five blade razor makes it easier to shave quickly and leaves your skin moisturized. It sure does make shaving more fun and your skin feels great:) – Sara Rai

Well I must say I was happily impressed with the Hydro Silk Razor. My first thought though regarding the Water Activated Moisturizing Serum was concerned that the “serum” would be milky or there wouldn’t be enough to cover the entire area. But I was so wrong, in fact it was not milky and it covered both legs with a silky sheen perfect for the razor to glide through. The razor gave me a close shave that left my legs without any nicks or bumps. I felt confident shaving with the % blades and when I was done my legs felt wonderful. They felt Silky smooth and looked great. I loved the razor and will definitely buy it. This was a lovely experience – Karin

When I received my Schick Razor and opened the package I was very excited to try it as it has 5 blades plus moisturizing strip. When I held it in my hand I noticed the handle is well designed and fits well in my hand. I have tried it out now a few times and am very pleased with the close shave and I was impressed how smooth and well hydrated my legs were without applying lotion. I had not tried a 5 blade razor before but now that I have I will be buying this Schick razor again as my legs have never looked better. – Suzanne

The actual head is not overly large. I have tried others with the moisturizing strips that surround the blades and I cannot actually shave around my ankles and knee because the razor doesn’t fit.
Perhaps over a few uses, I will like this particular moisturizer better, but during the initial use, it left a slimy residue behind, and actually dripped off the razor. In places where I did not get all of the moisturizer rinsed off my skin, it was left itching for the rest of the evening (I do not normally have sensitive skin).
The shave itself was very nice and close – better than any disposable razor I have used in a long time. Depending on it’s price point, it is definitely something I would consider purchasing for travel. – Mel

I finally got a chance to use the Schick that was sent to me. I used it while I was in the shower and the water was on. Im used to trying to keep my razors for as long as possible before I throw them out, so I tossed my old razor and brought out this bad boy. I really liked that it had a protective cap on it, my other razor didnt come with one, so it was a nice change. I shaved my legs and my armpits. I had let my hair grow a little longer than I usually do so I could get the full effect of the razor and see how well it holds up. Legs; On my legs the razor only needed to be shaved once downward to get rid of all that pesky hair. The conditioning strip really worked well while shaving and it tilted to get just the right fit onto my curves. All the hair was successfully removed and after it was done my legs were left hairless and smooth. I put some finishing spray on my legs to help smooth them out, although I could of gone without with how close of a shave I got. My armpits: it was just as good of a shave as my legs, but I needed to go over my pits twice to get all the hair off. Probably because its an odd angle. I didnt manage to knick myself at all this time around (previous pit shaving attempts have left me with razor bumps that hurt really bad), but the schick disposable left me feeling smooth and hairless yet again.
I tried to use the schick as much as possible, with shaving twice a week, the razor is still holding up quite well. I could probably squeeze two or three more uses out of it before I feel the blades have dulled too much. I would definitely buy them from a store. – Jaimee

I tried out the Schick hydro silk disposable razor. I liked it a lot more than my old brand of razor. I was able to use it to shave both my legs and both armpits without having to constantly stop and unclog it. I also didn’t have any nicks or cuts. The only thing i didn’t like was that its a disposable razor but i think I’m going to start using the Schick hydro razor with replaceable blades. (I like to keep my razor in the shower but dont like to keep the blade on it because i have 2 small kids). – Francine A.

I liked the feel of this the Schick razor on my skin,it glided along nicely and left my legs feeling smooth and soft,without any knicks. I would buy it if the price was reasonable. – Karla

I was excited when I received the razor so I openend it right away and it was comfortable in my hand and thought I going to try this tonight and it’s quite the test, my legs are no longer smooth and one is swollen 3 times the size so I am leary about 4 and 5 blade razors because I get a lot of cuts. So I did my good leg first and it was fantastic, with the built in lotion my leg felt soft afterwards and it did a great job at removing hair. Then to the leg that has curves and dips, here I didn’t fare as well, these razor’s have a flat head so when it hits the dips and the razor comes out of it you get a cut and with this one it was a cut times five! So the flat heads are still a downfall for anyone that has a problem like mine with their legs. It did a fantastic job on under arms and no knicks or cuts so the skin guards did their job there, overall I thought it was a great product and I would purchase it again but would not use it on the one leg, hopefully they come out with one that has a regular head because 5 blades is very time saving and loved the built in lotion. – Doris C

Fortunately for me, I have fine, fair hair on my body. As such, I only do a full shave of my legs once a week with a couple of touch-ups in between. For my main shave, I use a Schick Intuition razor and for the in-between shaves, I use a Schick disposable razor. Therefore, I was thrilled to have the chance to test the new Schick Hydro Silk disposable razor. And, I was extremely pleased with the results. I found that the Hydro Silk offered a smooth, pain-free shave without nicks or scrapes. The moisturizing effect was obvious and appreciated. I would definitely say that my legs felt silky soft afterwards. I would absolutelyrecommend this razor to family and friends and will be making the switch over to the Schick Hydro Silk the next time I am purchasing my disposable razors! – Heidi

Let me start by saying that I don’t normally use disposable razors, or female razors for that matter. However, because the Schick Hydro Silk razor did also have 5 blades like the one I currently use, I decided to give it a try.
I liked the fact that it felt smooth on my skin while shaving, however I did end up with a few nicks on both legs from using it, which is something that rarely ever happens with my current one. The Schick Hydro Silk razor did provide a close shave, regardless of all the extra plastic surroundings that women’s shavers tend to have.
I was not satisfied with its “Moisturizing” claims. After using the razor my legs felt very itchy even before I got out of the shower.
I do feel that it is much better quality than other disposables I have used and it definitely did not feel like a disposable, but like all disposables it has its drawbacks. If you prefer disposable razors then I would definitely say that this is the best of its kind. – Misty

Let me start off by saying i NEVER, EVER buy disposable razors. I have never had a good experience with one & the last time I used one was when I was a teenager (which was a little over 20 years ago!). When I received the Schick disposable I looked at it and thought how much it looks like my Schick Quattro non-disposable razor. I was impressed. It didn’t look like those cheap things my mother use to buy me at Giant Tiger 🙂
After getting out of the shower I actually raved to my hubby how awesome this razor is. It left my legs VERY smooth and I did NOT cut myself! That’s a big thing for me since I always seem to get a nick somewhere on my legs!
I would (and am going to) buy the Schick disposable razor. That’s how much I loved the smooth, close shave I got with this razor.
Thank you Sheri and Schick for allowing me to try this razor. You made me believe in disposables again!
Although I received this razor for free for an honest review, in no way did it affect my opinion of the product. – Dayna

As a thanks for testing the razors and writing a review, the readers above were entered into a draw with for a $50 Visa. The winner is #9 – Angela M! Congratulations!



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