focacciaI am a good cook, if I do say so myself, lol. I can create a savoury dish, a hearty stew, a delicious casserole or a fabulous grilled meal. Baking is another story. I am not confident in my baking and usually try to follow recipes to a tee, yet my end result never turns out the way I want it to. Thankfully I have a husband who has great talent when it comes to baking, so we can still enjoy rich homemade goodies. However, I have trouble accepting that I am not good at something so I need to improve my baking skills!

Robinhood must have heard my pleas for help, because they have created a new site that will help visitors improve their baking skills.

The refreshed will bring the Robin Hood Baking Centre to life in many exciting ways. Find mouthwatering food photography and a beautifully redesigned experience that’s user-friendly and pleasing to the eye with modern, crisp colours reminiscent of the scrumptious recipes users will be baking. Robin Hood has also added three brand new features: Bake class, tips and tricks and the community in addition to an enhanced Recipe Collection with more delicious recipes than ever before and a revamped Baking with Kids section filled with great tips on how to involve your kids in baking.

I am most excited about the Bake Class. It offers online instructional videos like the one below for The Perfect Flaky Pie Crust. The videos come with easy-to-follow steps that even a novice like me can follow. Pumpkin pie is my absolute favourite dessert, so I can’t wait to give this recipe a try! I’m also looking forward to seeing the future baking classes. Maybe soon I can claim to be a great cook and a great baker!

The Tips & Tricks section offers great advice on how to create delicious recipes. There are tips on how to test dough for optimal moistness, how to choose the right flour for your recipe and the secret to chewy versus crisp cookies. Did you know that you can soften hard brown sugar by putting a piece of bread in a container with the sugar overnight? I learned that in the tips and tricks section! And to think I’ve been throwing away bags of hard brown sugar… also has a forum where you can share your own baking tips and tricks, or offer recipes and stories to other members. I joined the community and there are some really great recipes on there. I am learning to cook gluten free and I was happy to find recipes that can be made with the new gluten free Robin Hood flour. I think I will have to spend a lot of time reading the forum!

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