I’m extremely jealous of my daughter’s hair!  Maybe it’s not so much her hair that I want, but the patience she has to actually manage it and make it look gorgeous.

Her hair is pretty long, but it’s just like mine.  Thick, unruly, not the wash-and-go type!  To leave the house looking decent, both of us have to style our hair.  She has much more patience to do hers, because I’m usually trying to get myself and three boys out the door!

When she styles her hair, she either uses a straightener or a curling wand.  Both of these are obviously high heat, and they can do some damage to her hair.  With the Sheilo Shine Restoration Oil, her hair is left looking great, and I don’t have to worry about long term damage!

Shielo Shine Restoration Oil

Our premium hair oil treatment is for the restoration and shine for all hair types. The restoration oil repairs hair and adds shine to styles. It softens thick hair while restoring and adding shine to dull, lifeless hair. The oil speeds up drying time by 40%. Its color enhancement properties last long term, and it increases hair manageability and removes frizz. Protects from heat styling.

Shielo Shine Restoration Oil

  • smoothes softens and adds shine
  • certified organic ingredients, paraben free
  • for all hair types

Shielo Shine Restoration Oil(Yes, she likes to grab my phone and take tons of selfies!)

My hairstyle usually depends on the weather.  Houston, Texas is HOT, and for most months, you can bet that as soon as I walk out the door, I’m going to be sweating.  If I’ve just spent 45 minutes blowing my hair dry and using a large curling iron to tame and tip it, you can guarantee that as soon as I walk outside, the underside of my hair will immediately kink up and fro!

Shielo Shine Restoration OilThat leaves me with the wavy scrunchy look.  The problem with the wavy scrunchy look is that my hair is wavy all over, except the top front.  My sister and I both have very straight hair in the front which is the area where you would usually have “bangs”. I understand, now, why we used to get the really skinny curling irons and “poof” our bangs!

With the Shielo Shine Restoration Oil, I like that I can put it on my hair and it will help keep my hair wavy and scrunchy without the use of mousse or gel.  I’m not a big fan of adding chemicals to my hair, but this oil is great for the wavy look.  Last Sunday, I used it and went for a couple of hours with a little bit of wave on the front part of my hair, but for the most part, I have to use clips to keep my “bangs” back!

I couple the Shine Restoration Oil with the Shielo Smoothing Shampoo for a look that I’m happy with!

This smoothing shampoo is designed to leave hair looking relaxed and smooth. It removes dirt and oils from hair, without stripping it of essential moisture to create a smooth, sleek look. It contains a low ph which makes it gentle enough for everyday use. It contains a significant source of protein extracts, and a unique amazon hair oil complex for a non-greasy shine.

I love that Shielo products are sulfate and paraben free and certified organic.  Make sure you also check out their different styling techniques for a look that’s great for you!

Lisa and her husband live in Mont Belvieu, Texas (East Houston) with their four kiddos. She is a labor doula as well as a full time blogger. Lisa is active in the natural parenting and birth community in the Houston, Texas area, and is the owner of BetweentheKids.com.
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