Diaper bags are pretty significant tools of the trade for parents of infants. I have owned so many different types of diaper bags that I am practically an expert! I thought I had seen everything there was to offer in diaper bags styles, and then I was introduced to the PacaPod.

diaper bag

The bags contain a unique, award winning ‘baby organisation system’ which features an intelligent 3-bags-in-1 design. Tucked neatly inside an ordinary looking bag are two detachable lightweight ‘pods’ which can be removed from the bag and attached to any buggy, car head rest, or dropped at nursery containing spare clothes or food. The feeder and changer pods keep food and nappy items hygienically apart and the generous parent pockets keep essential items safe and separate. Once the pods have been removed there’s lots of bag space to store paperwork, shopping or even a laptop – taking you from home, school gate to the office in one neat move!

I was sent the Jura Baby bag that is shown above. I really like the pattern and the appearance of the bag. It’s fashionable and functional too. It has small straps that are made to attach the bag to the handles of a stroller or cart, which I think are the best invention ever. The pods are handy because you can pack them with essentials and then just grab the pod you need when you are out, rather than carrying the whole bag. I gave my Sister-in-law this bag because she just recently had a baby, and she told me that she loves the pods but wishes the other pocket was a little larger so it could hold more clothes. She also likes that one bag is insulated so that there is a safe place to transport bottles and food when they reach that stage. The bag is waterproof and washable, both inside and out.


PacaPod has a variety of bags available, like the ones shown above. They come in several sizes, styles and patterns and they are offered in a wide range of prices as well. You can see all of their products by visiting the PacaPod website.



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