If you’re looking for cheap family holidays to keep leisure costs low this summer, there are plenty to choose from! Whether you’re happy with family time in a tent, or really have your heart set on some faraway sunshine, there are ways to get the holiday that you want, within budget.

Take a look at these five family holiday options:

Holiday Parks

Holiday parks are firmly back in fashion, with hard-pressed families looking to them to provide a week of non-stop fun without breaking the bank. At Butlins, for example, swimming, funfair rides, activities and entertainment are all included in the up front cost. There’s a competition from Cushelle online to win a Butlins break so why not give getting your summer break for free a go?kellen digging


If you’re hardy types then camping is a holiday option that costs next to nothing, once you’ve got all the kit. We’re spoilt for countryside and coastal campsites in the UK, so you’re sure to find a spot that suits your family.

City Breaks

Those struggling to afford a full week away could consider a weekend city break? There’s plenty for all ages to enjoy in our main cities, and even an overnighter will be a welcome change of scene.

Country Cottage

One way of keeping costs down is to hire a base and share it between two of more families. Country cottages are great for this, and allow you to stay in an idyllic location without breaking the bank.

Late Deals

If you’re really desperate to get abroad this year, leave it as late as possible to book. Those who can be flexible about where and when they travel should be able to pick up some fantastic cut-price bargains.

Don’t feel like you have to stay at home all summer. Even if funds are low you have lots of fantastic family holiday options open to you – just choose the one best for you.



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