I have mentioned before that I get the most appreciation from my kids when I make them fruit and veggie platters for their lunch. They are nibblers and they definitely prefer a variety of small items to a plate full of food. Since this works so well at home, I plan to send something similar in their lunches this year. I want to make sure I include items from every food group so they are getting a balanced meal, and I think I have found a perfect combination in the lunch below.

pepperettes 2

Fruit, veggies, cheese, crackers and Schneiders European Style Pepperettes are making up this well balanced lunch that I know my kids will love. I added some ranch dip to encourage them to enjoy their veggies and an apple juice drinking box for a little more fruit, and I set this out for them to try. My kids don’t all love the same things, but the pepperettes went over well with everyone. When they are cut up into bite size pieces they can choose to have as many or as few as they like. I am glad to see them getting more protein in their diets, because it’s something that they seem to avoid at meal times.


I think there is something appealing to kids about finger foods, so this type of lunch encourages them to eat it all and get the nutrients they need. It will definitely be in our lunch regimen in the coming school year. They work great for my husband too, because he loves pepperettes and once he’s back to work he can use them as a snack through the day. They are the perfect snack for guys like him who have physical jobs where they work long hours.

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