koboarc_performanceMy oldest son, Eric, adopted my love of books at a young age. It started when he was around 8 years old and picked up the first Harry Potter book. At the time, only four of the books in the series were released and by the time he picked up the Goblet of Fire he had me convinced that I needed to read the series too. He was right, and we’ve been exchanging book recommendations ever since then.

A couple of years ago I got my first Kobo. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like reading on an eReader because I love books. I love how they smell and feel, and I like looking at how far into the book I am while I’m reading it. While I still love to hold a book in my hands, I learned to appreciate the eReader as well. An eReader gives me the opportunity to carry several books with me at once. I can read a book review online, and own a copy of the book within minutes. I never lose my bookmark because the Kobo saves my place for me, and it tells me what percentage of the book I have read. I can also change the font size while I’m reading. I told Eric about my eReader and he was not interested. He likes his books and he didn’t think an eReader was for him.

I was sent a Kobo Arc tablet to review and I offered for Eric to help me do the review. At first he wasn’t interested, but there was a series he wanted to read and it wasn’t available in our local book store, so he decided to order it on the Arc. That was a few weeks ago, and it has been in his hands ever since. I’m not sure how many books he has read on it now, but I would wager that it is several, and he admitted that he was wrong about eReaders. He loves how easy it is to get the books he wants. The screen size is perfect, and it is backlit so he can read on it at night as well.

The Kobo Arc’s 7” high-definition display delivers crisp, sharp text, and its 1.5 GHz processor make it easy to enjoy a highly-responsive, ultra-fast web browsing and multitasking experience. This Google-certified Android 4.1 tablet has access to the Google Play™ store, which offers more than 700,000 apps and games, with much-loved pre-loaded apps like Facebook®, Twitter®, Rdio®, Zinio®, and PressReader®. The device’s 16-million colours, brings photos and videos to life, and with front-facing speakers with SRS TruMedia®, a built-in microphone, and high-resolution 1.3 MP camera, it’s perfect for taking photos and videos.


The Arc is more than an ereader. It is an Android tablet that allows users to surf the web, visit their favourite social media accounts and download popular apps. The Kobo Arc has Tapestries that allow the owner to pin content to the home screen so that they can organize their favourite apps and books the way they want.

Kobo Arc’s exclusive interface, Tapestries, allows users to collect and curate content of interest in dynamic, visual Tapestries by “pinning” content to the home screen. The Discover Ribbon leverages a cross-media recommendations engine to recommend related content based on the items pinned to Tapestries. The more users collect in their Tapestries the more the Kobo Arc learns what they love and provides them with more engaging content – an engaging new way to discover content from eBooks, movies, and TV shows, to music, web pages, and more.

Overall, the Kobo Arc has been well received by my son. I love that it encourages reading and also puts everything he needs at his fingertips. He can even Skype with his girlfriend on the Arc.

The Kobo Arc is available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB configurations and is available in black and white. One of my lucky readers can get reading on a Kobo Touch!

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