When my first child made it to around grade five, I realized that I may be in over my head when it came to homework help. While I was always a good student, my classroom days were behind me and I seemed to have forgotten everything I learned back then and I was no help to him.

My second son is now in grade five, and this time the memory lapses seemed to show up a year earlier when he brought home grade four math homework last year, and I couldn’t remember how it should be done. Of course, the education system is always changing too. My oldest son learned to read using phonics and the younger children learned using memorization. We had capital letters and small letters, while my children have upper case and lower case. It’s hard to stay on top of all of the changes!

It’s also a challenge to get through homework with all of the kids when you have several children like I do. My 10 year old has focus issues and needs constant reminders to stay on task. My 9 year old prefers perfect silence while doing her work, which is a rare commodity in our house! My five year old would rather not do schoolwork at all, so he requires more one on one attention than the others. To try and make it work for everyone, we schedule different homework times for each child. I try to keep our schoolwork sessions short with the boys since it is harder for them to stay on task, and I help Avery find a quiet space to do her work.

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Oxford Learning can help parents who are struggling with helping their children with their schoolwork. Oxford Learning goes beyond tutoring and helps children learn how to learn. Children who enrol in the program gain confidence, develop their own opinions and ideas and they take an interest in pursuing their own goals and tasks.

If you have a child who is overwhelmed, frustrated, or not challenged enough by school, Oxford Learning can help. As Canada’s leading supplemental educator, we provide a tutoring program unlike any other. Students of Oxford Learning participate in a personalized learning experience that engages and fires them up for a lifetime of learning.

With Oxford Learning, children discover the thrill of improvement and the means to success. With Oxford Learning, students recognize their role in their learning process. They develop the confidence to ask questions, look for answers, and create solutions. Most importantly, our students don’t wait around to be taught – they get out there and learn!

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With kids, it’s all about motivation. That’s why Oxford Learning’s unique approach to tutoring works so well. They give kids what they really want. Give them the tools, the power, and the confidence to be in charge of their own learning.

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