We bought our house as a new construction almost ten years ago. We were able to choose the interior of the house, so it is full of our style and the things we like (or at least the things we liked ten years ago). New construction doesn’t come with finished basements and landscaping though, so these are things we have been working on over the years.

First we built a bedroom in the basement and framed and drywalled the bathroom that was roughed in, the laundry room and a storage room. Next, a couple years later, a family room was put together. This past summer the railing was installed and a new stairway landing was created. It has taken a lot of time, but it feels like we’re in the home stretch of having that downstairs space completed, except for the bathroom. That little space requires a lot of fixtures and skill to complete, with the biggest problem being the location of the shower drain. Where it currently sits, no corner shower stall will work, and we are not looking to incur the cost of tiling the entire shower.

This is how our bathroom has looked for the last few years (minus the tools).

bathroom before

 bathroom before 2

You can see that we started chipping away the concrete around the shower drain so it can be moved, and there is not a ceiling up yet. It’s a small bathroom, but we think it will fit a corner shower, pedestal sink and toilet nicely and it will make life a little nicer for my oldest son who has his bedroom in the basement. For the last eight years he has had to go up a flight of stairs to use the washroom at night, and up two flights of stairs to have a shower. This washroom will not only be very convenient for him, it will also free up the main upstairs bath in the mornings, which will be good for everyone!

Home Depot is our one stop shop for this bathroom renovation. They have everything we need, including workshops and books that will help us know what to do. More than that, they have exceptional customer service. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing our progress on the bathroom and showing you what products we decided to purchase. Stay tuned!



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