Sometimes it’s the simplest things which have the lasting appeal. Play sets consisting of colourful interlocking bricks may not sound like the recipe for one of the most successful children’s toys ever made , but Lego has truly stood the test of time. First launched in 1949, the bricks continue to entertain children around the world. With play sets inspired by popular video games, movies and comic books, the brand is now more recognisable and popular than it has ever been. However, the toy can be used for so much more than simple play time and entertainment. The bricks are used by parents and educators to inspire creativity in young children, and few toys can better teach the values of sharing than building creations with friends.


Nurturing Creativity

Lego has always been about imagination. Whether they are following instructions or just building their own creations, children can use the colourful bricks to develop their visual, motor and design skills. Problem-solving, logic and planning can also be learned, and developing these talents will help encourage and strengthen creativity in any child. Newer play sets from the Mindstorms range can even serve as an introduction to complex, real-world computing and software programming. From the smallest towers to the most ambitious projects, building with the bricks nurtures creativity in children of all ages.

Sharing and Building Together

Teaching children the concept of sharing is no easy feat, but it is a valuable lesson that they will need to carry into their lives. Unfortunately, many toys are not designed with sharing in mind. Some children will be envious of their friend’s newer toys or will want to play with the best toys.

Lego has always positively encouraged and rewarded sharing between children and for this reason, it is regarded as one of the most successful children’s toys ever made. The bricks are universal so different play sets can be combined to make more ambitious and bigger projects, and children can happily share their collections so they all stand to benefit from the experience. It’s natural for children to resist the concept of sharing if they are being forced to do it or if they feel they will be hard done by the experience. However, sharing comes naturally when building with the bricks, and the communal experience created when children play together can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to teach the values of sharing.



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