I was given my first pair of glasses when I was around 11 years old. I didn’t need a really strong prescription, but the difference in how clear things were with them on was amazing to me. I remember studying the leaves on the trees and the stars at night and realizing what I had been missing. I could suddenly see the beauty that had always been around me.

I honestly can’t recall how often we had eye exams as kids. I know that I didn’t complain to my parents or teachers about not being able to see clearly, because I had no idea that I couldn’t. I thought that what I saw was what everyone saw, and I had no idea that I was missing so much until I had first pair of glasses on.

Since most children with vision problems don’t realize that they are seeing things differently than their peers, it is very important to ensure they have regular eye exams by a Doctor of Optometry. One in four children has a vision problem, and that can affect learning and development and prevent children from reaching their full potential. It is also important to get eye exams by a Doctor of Optometry because there are health concerns beyond vision problems that can be identified through an eye exam.


With my first child, I didn’t start eye exams until right before he started school. I didn’t realize that it was something that should happen earlier. Today, Doctors of Optometry recommend that infants have their first eye exam between six and nine months of age. Serious eye conditions like Strabismus (crossed eyes) can be identified and treated so that they don’t progress into something more serious or untreatable.

There should be at least one other eye exam between the ages of two and five. These are the years that they develop depth perception, hand-eye coordination and visualization skills, so you will want to ensure that your child’s visual development is on track.

Once your child starts school, you will want to continue with annual eye exams.  Eighty percent of a child’s learning is through their eyes, so strong vision is important for a good school experience.

If your child does need glasses, be sure to get them through a Doctor of Optometry. Not only will you want to choose something that is fun and stylish, you will also want to ensure that the glasses fit well and improve their vision as best as possible. To this day, I require my glasses to be specially fit to my face and I rely heavily on my Optometrist to help me get what I need.


Being proactive by getting regular eye exams for your child can potentially save him or her from a lifetime of vision problems. It’s quick and painless to get an eye exam, so book your children for their appointments today.

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