Griffin has wanted to go to Legoland since he first heard stories about Kellen and I visiting Legoland in California. That was over a year ago and his dreams finally came true this week. We loaded up the van and headed over to Legoland Florida for a fun filled day of lego and the water park.

One of the big attractions at Legoland is Miniland. This is a section of the park that is made up of lego creations of entire cities and attractions. Griffin was fascinated and kept asking if the different models were made of lego. I told him that everything there is made of lego, and he wanted to know who built them. He learned that there are people who just build lego for a living, and that may be the best news he has ever heard. His response was “I found my life!”. He has plans to be a lego builder for the rest of his life, and I think that if he can pull it off, that’s not a bad idea.


While he pondered his future in lego, we moved on to the rest of the park. We went on some awesome rides, and then we got to the thing that he has been waiting for: Driving School. Kellen has raved about Driving School since he tried it last year and Griffin was anxious for his turn. He is still five, so he went to the junior Driving School for 3-5 year olds. I was pretty impressed with his driving skills! Take a look at how he narrowly avoided a crash in the video below.

He’s a natural and now his career path may include race car driver. He tried Boating School too, but that is definitely not the right choice for his future. Kellen and Avery took part in the Driving School for kids aged 6-12 and the both did a great job behind the wheel. Maybe I will keep bringing them back each year in hopes that the real thing won’t be as frightening when they are 16.


We spent the rest of our day cooling off in the water park. The wave pool was the biggest hit, but there are a variety of waterslides and play areas to play in. It was the perfect way to end the day!



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