With my son’s diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis we had to make a lot of changes in how we eat, or at least in what he eats. Since his diet is now a low fibre diet, he can’t eat a lot of salads and raw vegetables and his fruit has to be peeled before eating. We have also learned that a gluten free diet has been extremely beneficial for many people who have IBD. We are making it a gradual change and slowly introducing more gluten free foods and fewer wheat containing foods into our home.

We have bought a lot of gluten free items and while we have discovered some amazing things, we’ve also found a lot of food that just isn’t up to par for Kellen’s standards. Cookies and bread just aren’t what we want for the most part, so we have been told we are best to buy some gluten free flour and make our own gluten free items. Robin Hood has a new line of Nutri flour blends that includes a gluten free flour.

robin hood flour

Aside from the obvious, what I love about this flour is the packaging! Finally, someone packaged flour in a mess free system.

NewGrip-LockTM System
All 3 New Robin Hood Nutri Flour Blend varieties come in our resealable bag with our specially designed Grip -Lock system. The bag sits upright on your counter and has an extra wide opening. Now your flour is easy to scoop and easy to close… every time you bake. Available in Robin Hood Nutri Flour Blend and Original All Purpose

GF cookies

This was my first attempt to bake with gluten free flour, so I decided to follow a chocolate chip recipe from the Robin Hood website. You can see the full recipe here: The Ultimate Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie.

I think they turned out great. Most gluten free cookies we have had were hard and these are very soft and moist. The recipe says that they can be frozen too, which is great.

GF cookies 2

Now that I have gluten free flour, I can’t wait to get started baking more gluten free items. I think bread will be next on my list.



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